How High Would You Bid For a Package of Triple Double Oreos?

Back in early May, photos of the currently unreleased Triple Double Oreo leaked to the Internet. What followed was an insane Internet buzz that immediately prompted the response of Nabisco confirming the new product, and stating it would be in stores nationwide in August of this year.

We were lucky enough to come up on a package of our own a few weeks back – Tasting the Triple Double Oreo – giving you a closer look at its weight, consistency and general reactions to the multiple-level cookie. At the time, we didn’t realize how coveted the package we had in our possession truly was.

Recently, another package has surfaced on eBay, a joint promotional piece between OREO cookies and NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, with all proceeds from the auction being donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark.

What a timely effort, considering the NBA star has just announced his own retirement following 19 years of professional basketball play. For those unfamiliar with basketball terminology, a “triple-double” in a basketball game occurs when a player accounts for double-digit numbers in any three statistical categories such as points, assists, steals, blocks, or rebounds, in a single game.

The auction ends on June 17th, and with 14 bids as of noontime PST, June 8th, the current price is $70.99.

How high will the bidding go? How much would you pay for a box? Only time will tell. June 17th, we’ll see you soon!

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