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Bell, Bone, Boot and Ball — Turns Out McDonald’s Weird McNugget Shapes Have Actual Names


All right so we’ve all been referring to that one McNugget as the “boot” for years now, but who would have guessed that’s what the suits over at MD HQ actually call it? I’m guessing “oversized foot cast” just didn’t have quite the same zing.

I like to think the personalization helps bring some joy to the cold, corporate lives of the greasy fast food giants, but the official story is that the names “bell, bone, boot and ball” came out of a simple quest for quality control.

By having four distinct shapes, the McDonald’s sensory team is better able to meet the company’s “Gold Standard” by matching to those shapes “as perfectly as possible.”

Except in Canada, the bone is called a “bow-tie,” which makes all McNuggets made in the U.S. automatically inferior. Sorry ‘bout it.

Check out the whole McExposé here.

H/T + PicThx Business Insider