Vice CEO Shane Smith Wins $1 Million Gambling in Vegas, Celebrates With $300,000 Steak Dinner For 30


Shane Smith, super millionaire CEO of the media company Vice, was confirmed to have dropped $300,000 on a steak dinner while at CES in Las Vegas last month, but the recent news is that dinner was nothing to him, considering he reportedly won over a million dollars gambling during that week.

Smith, whose net worth has been estimated to be around $400 million (Vice is valued at $2.5 billion) according to Business Insider, treated 30 guests, including a few Vice execs, to a lavish dinner at Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Steakhouse, where a bottle of wine costs more than $20,000.


One of Smith’s guests confirmed with the New York Times that Smith had gotten extremely lucky at the blackjack tables, winning more than $1 million in total during the week of CES.

If there’s anything to learn from Smith’s spending habits, it’s that it’s good to spread the love — generous CEOs seem like a rarity these days.

But Smith is no stranger to handing out cash. Last year during Vice’s holiday party, Smith dropped over a million in cash personally handing out $1,500 to his employees as holiday bonuses.

It’s only February but Shane Smith might have already snagged The Most Boss Boss of the Year Award.

Written by NextShark’s Jacob Wagner