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TikTok Recipe Recreates A Whole Boston Market Meal In Mesmerizing Fashion


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“But basically this was my pregnancy craving many many moons ago,” explained private chef and TikTok recipe creator Shanae Johnson. It’s a good preface to a recipe video she posted on her TikTok and Instagram that recreates her go-to meal at Boston Market.

Throughout the recipe clip, viewers are treated to a wholesome story that illustrates her love for a Quarter Dark with sides of sweet potato casserole, mac & cheese, and creamed spinach. As Chef Nae opens up with the back story, we’re then fed some indulgent visuals of her whipping up the whole meal from scratch, resulting in a proper Boston Market interpretation that just might look more delectable than the OG itself.

Chef Nae, I’ll have to pull up for a whole plate, just a heads up!