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McDonald’s Designed A Milkshake ‘STRAW’ That Will Change The Way You Suck

A few weeks ago, McDonald’s announced that they were adding a brand-new line of Shamrock Shake-inspired drinks to their beverage menu. These included a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, a Chocolate Shamrock Shake, Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and a Shamrock Mocha.


In a recent McDonald’s Facebook Live Stream, the fast food chain announced that they’ve been collaborating with two aerospace and robotic engineering companies (JACE and NK Labs) to elevate the simple straw into a new item they’re appropriately calling the “STRAW.”

The Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (or STRAW) is McDonald’s latest answer to the dual-layered Chocolate Shamrock Shake. It features a “J”-shaped design complete with well-placed holes for your milkshake to enter through.

When McDonald’s dropped their new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, customers would have to mix their beverage together if they wanted a combination of both chocolate and mint flavor. The STRAW’s design allows for both components to be sucked without having to mix the shake up.

Hot damn.


McDonald’s will be giving away 2,000 of these straws to fans across the United States. A list of participating McDonald’s locations that will have the STRAW on Feb. 24 can be found here.

Like last month’s 10,000 exclusive Big Mac Sauce bottles, the STRAWS will be available on a first come, first served, basis.


Edible Good Luck: Shamrock Flavored Chips

Shamrock Chips

Now you can eat your way through some good luck with the first shamrock flavored food, Shamrock and Sour Cream crisps, created by Ireland-based Keogh’s Family Farm.

According to Keogh’s founder Tom Keogh, “the idea for a shamrock crisp came from our absolute pride in being Irish farmers and a constant need to be innovative.”

Not to be confused with a Shamrock Shake, which is just a mint shake dyed green, these potato chips are actually flavored with those four-leafed symbols of good luck.

Because UK-ers go hard on St. Patrick’s Day, Keogh’s is launching their new unique flavor along with Dubliner Cheese & Onion, Atlantic Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, and Roast Beef & Irish Stout in the UK. Unluckily, those of us here in the US will have to wait to try these crazy chips as Keogh’s online store is still under construction.

Still, it’s probably safe to say that these clover crisps would pair well with a green beer.

H/T + PicThx Foodista


Psycho Donuts Reveals a Shamrock Donut

Psycho Donuts has some serious Irish pride, revealing their second holiday donut for the week with this Shamrock donut. The first one you’ll recall we announced a few days back was the green-tinted Cadillac Margarita Donut, and now we’re looking at a Lucky Charm infested donut that the California-based donut shop is releasing. This donut will be available all week long, so if you’re in the area, don’t sleep!

This picture above has been updated 3/15/2011.