Man Stiffs Waitress Over Sour Cream, Cousin Finds Out And Publicly Shames Him


Sure, when a restaurant runs out of an item you look forward to it can ruin the dining experience. The only thing you can do is make the most of it and move on. However, if you’re a recent customer at Joe’s Crab Shack, you can take it to a petty place.

Take this one guy for example.

When he discovered that the restaurant had run out of sour cream, he stiffed the waitress on a $71 check. To add insult to injury, he wrote “Find Sour Cream” on the line for tip.

Dustin Clark, cousin to the sour cream-shaming customer, saw the photo of the receipt posted online. Clark then drove to the Oklahoma Crab Shack and gave the waitress $20 and apologized for his cousin.

He then posted the experience on Facebook as well:

receipt shame fb

Clearly, Clark didn’t think something so trivial as missing sour cream was warrant enough to stiff a waitress as well leave a rude comment.

Photo: Facebook