How These Little Black Balls Might Save California From Its Crazy Drought

California is still in the midst of one of its worst droughts ever. Because of this, Los Angeles officials are taking all precautions to conserve water.

Thankfully, a former biologist from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power came up with a genius concept that might save the city millions of gallons of water, ViralNova reports.

Shade Balls.

The multi-purpose plastic balls are designed to help Californian reservoirs preserve as much of water quality and quantity as they can.

Because of their black hues, the balls are able to absorb UV rays. This keeps the water from both evaporating and becoming contaminated. The Shade Balls also act as a shield to keep animals from drinking LA’s fresh water supply. 

Los Angeles residents can find all 96 million balls resting the in LA reservoir.