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The 5 Must Try Dishes That Will Be Available At the Super Bowl

At this point, football is only 50% of the Super Bowl. The NFL’s championship game is larger than life. It’s more of a cultural event, with celebrities and the press descending upon the host city seemingly straight from the Grammy’s and tickets going for, at the very least, thousands of dollars. So, it makes sense that the menu for the game would be larger than life as well. 

This year, Centerplate, a food and beverage company that serves entertainment venues around the United States, is in charge of creating a menu for this Sunday’s game at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. Led by national executive chef Carmen Callo, the Centerplate team has created a menu heavily inspired by Miami’s seasonal offering and its Latin heritage. 

Though there will be traditional gametime offerings like popcorn and Bud Light (and for a steal, at $5/can, at that), Centerplate has focused on making the menu a bit more elevated than your typical stadium food. This means bigger plates, better quality, and bolder flavors.

Check out our top five picks for what we’d grub out on if we were going to the big game:

Skewered Pork Kan-Kan

Kan-Kan is the pork equivalent to a tomahawk steak and, clearly, is just as visually striking as it’s bovine counterpart. Centerplate’s is marinated in a spice mix of annatto, sazon, and chimichurri, making for a South Beach blend of spice, zest, and umami.   

Key Lime Pie Milkshake

The Key Lime Pie Milkshake takes its inspiration from the pie stemming from the Florida Key’s iconic tiny limes. This vanilla milkshake is topped with fresh whipped cream, a candy gummy, a cherry, and an entire piece of key lime pie proving that, apparently, the only thing better than one dessert is two.

South Florida Seafood Paella

Key West shrimp, mussels, clams, squid, lobster stock, and Valencian bomba rice meet in one of Spain’s most iconic dishes. While this may not be directly Miami-inspired, Centerplate has added a secret mix of spices that draw from the Keys that bring the dish in line with the rest of the menu.

18” Cuban Dog

A Miami menu would be incomplete if there wasn’t a cubano-based dish. This foot-and-a-half long hot dog is covered in mojo pork, mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles, as it attempts to recreate the famed Cuban sandwich.

Custom NFL Bon Bons

These minute chocolates were specially made for this year’s Super Bowl, as they feature unique decorations inspired by the 12 teams that made the playoff push for February 2nd’s game. I’m not going to lie, if I had these in my possession, there’d be less eating and more sneaking away in my pockets to keep as a relic.

Fast Food

Burger King Unveils Gay Pride Whopper in San Francisco


Some Whoppers come wrapped in rainbow colored paper. Get over it.

In celebration of the SF Pride Parade this past weekend, a Burger King in San Francisco introduced something called “The Proud Whopper,” which, despite its lovely rainbow-colored wrapping, is in fact no different from a regular Whopper. So read the inscriptions on the packaging: “Introducing The Proud Whopper . . . We are all the same inside.”

This campaign comes a little over month since Burger King introduced its new people-centric slogan “Be Your Way” over the old “Have It Your Way.”


“As a brand, we welcome everyone,” Burger King’s senior VP of global branding Fernando Machado told TIME, “We felt that [the Proud Whopper] could bring to life a message of equality, self-expression, authenticity and just being who you are.”

The burger debuted at the Burger King location along the SF Pride Parade route last weekend, footage of which can be seen in the video below. It’s a sweet spot overall, with a few requisite anti-LGBT sentiments for drama, plenty more smiles, and one girl who was even brought to tears. “A burger has never made me cry before,” she says.

There’s also some Jimmy Kimmel-esque shenanigans in there, with some folks claiming the new version might be different or even a little sweeter than the original.

Still, it’s all very simple and heart warming and good enough reason to give BK its fair share of snaps today.

The limited time Proud Whopper will be available at the BK on Market and 8th Street through Thursday, with proceeds donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for education.


Worst Person Ever Hides Poisonous Meatballs for Dogs Around San Francisco


It’s one thing to be an awful human being to other people, but to pick on dogs? That’s some grade-A Satan-type shit.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an unidentified rogue scoundrel villain has, for the second year in a row, stashed poisonous meatballs around San Francisco in places only pets are likely to find them. As of Saturday, 35 tainted meatballs were found along curbs, in bushes, and behind stairwells, stuffed with solid materials which could present choking hazards for animals. Meatballs found last summer were also believed to contain strychnine.

A few comments on the Chronicle story suggest the meatballs could have been meant for wild coyotes or cats, while others even cite the 4 million+ dog attacks on humans per year as justification for the unknown dog-hater’s actions. We don’t know about all that, but we’re pretty sure the poison meatball dropper deserves his own special circle of hell.

H/T Consumerist + Picthx Andrew Sanders


Cake made out of 30 grilled cheese sandwiches and Cheez Whiz


Picthx Zagat


Do Want: Sweet Potato Fries Smothered in Marshmallow Sauce and Sprinkled with Bacon


There’s no denying sweet potato fries are sweet, crunchy niblets of delicious on their own. But of course there’s always a way to amp up such classic staples, and this time around, we’re drooling over sweet potato fries smothered in marshmallow sauce and topped with bacon crumbles. OH baby.

This, folks, is real life thanks to catering company Global Gourmet Catering who served up these bad boys at San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival this past weekend. It’s genius manifested in a cardboard container, really.

The only thing missing here is a generous vat of Nutella for some dipping action in between marshmallow bites. Then everything would be right in the world.

H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx Rusty Blazenhoff


Starbucks’ New La Boulange Menu Aims to Look Less Perfect, More Handmade


Last year, French baker and entrepreneur Pascal Rigo sold his “La Boulange” mini-empire to Starbucks for $100 million. Rigo is now leading Starbucks’ effort to roll out a new “artisanal” selection of products reminiscent of intimate, home-baked goods as opposed to their usual commercial fare.

The new line-up will offer “affordable, not intimidating” pricing and is designed with the intention of looking homemade. “It’s the habit of processed food to look pretty,” Rigo told the LA Times. “These aren’t pretty, or they’re about as pretty as what you’d make at home.”

The products are being introduced into Los Angeles throughout this week, with Starbucks hinting at the release via the above photo posted to Facebook with the words “Born by the Bay. Coming to the rest of CA.”

The new additions include a variety of items that are gluten free, void of artificial flavors and preservatives, and filled with sustainably grown fruits and veggies. Expect to see everything from  a spinach croissant made with whole wheat dough and flaxseed (below) to chocolate croissants featuring Colombian single-origin chocolate to a selection of pastries with customized glazes.

The company has also improved overall food manufacturing — trimming down production to consumption time from as long as six months to 60 days and relying on more smaller facilities (25 to 30 bakeries nationwide), as opposed to a few massive locations.

It’s the next logical step for Starbucks, as the coffee behemoth has yet to tap into the growing market of self-proclaimed “foodies.”

Still, Rigo promised that he hasn’t “sold out or gone corporate,” stressing that there will be “no compromises” moving forward.

H/T LA Times + PicThx Starbucks


SF Restaurant Sign Calls Yelp ‘Bully,’ Integrity of Reviews Questioned


Inside Bai Thong Thai restaurant in San Francisco, a sign brandishing  the words, “Stop the Bully! — Boycott Yelp,” was posted on its door. Bai Thong Thai currently holds a 3 out 5 star rating on Yelp, yet the sign suggests that their score would be higher if the site didn’t manipulate rankings. The restaurant claims that when it approached Yelp regarding the disparity between their positive customer reviews and actual score, the company replied, “Perhaps if you paid to do Yelp ads we could help you with this.”

Unfortunately, Bai Thong Thai is among hundreds of restaurants who have accused Yelp of granting higher star ratings and more favorable search placement to businesses buying advertising. These issues have brought many to file several lawsuits against the networking powerhouse, all thrown out by judges before reaching trial.

Upon seeing the sign at  Bai Thong Thai, Times writer Sandy Banks felt compelled to delve deeper into Yelp’s reviewing process, noting that the company favors consistent reviewers over first timers, in part, to avoid “fake” reviews. Banks continues to question how much influence a restaurant’s ad buys have on the overall algorithm determining their rankings.

“I don’t know the exact script people use when they sell advertising,” Yelp spokeswoman Kristen Whisenand told Banks. “There’s no amount of money anyone can pay Yelp to manipulate reviews.”

Still, Banks states that Yelp’s current “algorithm seems to me aimed less at protecting consumers than rewarding reviewer loyalty.”

As Yelp strives to increase its profitability, the issue of how much influence ad sales have on the integrity of their reviews will continue to be as pressing as ever.

H/T Eater, LA Times


Top 10 Dating Trends for Foodies Across America, According to a Dating Site


Lucky for us hungry data gatherers, the folks at “offline dating” site HowAboutWe have just released a visual compilation of the dating network’s first 1 million dates recorded.

The results? Enough information for us to get an idea of top food dating trends across the United States, noting the top 10 cities in the country with the highest percentage of dining dates and a little bit about each. You can imagine our excitement when Philly cracked the top 10, and BYOB was a key selection when choosing a date in the city. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans are proud today.

Here’s a look at the rest of the data:


1. Atlanta: ⅓ of all date ideas in Atlanta suggest getting a bite to eat. Artisan pizza is a hot trend.


Admittedly, when I think pizza, I think New York or Chicago. Yet while Atlanta isn’t the first thing on my mind when I think of wood-fired pizzas topped with fresh local ingredients, I’m not complaining. Kudos to all those singles feasting on gourmet savory pies.


2. Philly: BYOB date spots have a higher response rate than other dining dates in Philly.


Bringing your own PBR and Two Buck Chuck to your favorite Italian date spot? Stay classy my friends.


3. Boston: Bostonians are 3x more likely than average to suggest tapas on a first date.


Boston is known for its wealth of history and culture, so it’s no surprise that taking out a date for tapas, a Spanish tradition, is more common in this city. Note: In Spain, Tapas consist of appetizers usually eaten during the time between the end of the work day and dinner, as well as weekdays around noon. Tapas are seen as dishes that encourage people to socialize and mingle, so we can see why they’d be an excellent option for a date.

Picthx tapastryrestaurant


4. Austin: Food trucks are more popular in Austin than in any other city, accounting for 1 in 5 dining dates.


We can jump on this bandwagon food truck. Ranked as one of the World’s Best Cities for Street Food by Food & Wine, Austin steals the show when it comes to getting grub on wheels.


5. New York: New Yorkers love a progressive meal: 28% of their dining dates involve multiple stops.


New York restaurants alone bring in a projected $31.9 billion in sales and for a city famed for it’s vast collection of ethnic enclaves, we understand why it would be difficult to settle on just one spot.


6. Chicago: 1 in 11 dining dates in Chicago is veggie-friendly, the third highest in the country.


I suppose this means that Chicago is the place to be if you’re trying to find your veggie-eatin’ soulmate. Consequently, the Foodbeast Staff would probably be single for eternity if we lived there.


7. Los Angeles: There are more breakfast dates in Los Angeles than in any other city.


We’re thinking that this has more to do with late-night hookups making breakfast the default date of choice, than an actual preference for bacon and eggs. Hey, we don’t judge. There’s a reason LA alone has two Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.

Picthx Roscoe’s


8. D.C: Cupcakes are extremely popular in D.C., accounting for 1 in 7 of their dining dates.


Cupcakes are the top choice for eats in D.C, as 14.1% of dates involve feasting on this petite towers of icing. But really, who doesn’t like cupcakes? They’re like the bacon of desserts and if you don’t like bacon… smh.

H/T Our Kitchen


9. St. Louis: Going out for tacos is suggested 3x more often in St. Louis than in any other city.


Busch Stadium is the most popular date spot in St. Louis, because sharing a hotmess of tacos while cheering on your team screams sexy.


10. San Francisco: S.F. has more brunch dates than in any other city, accounting for one-third of their dining dates.


Apparently, San Francisco is chock full of genius singles. It’s about time we’ve recognized brunch as the most important meal of the day. When else is it socially acceptable to get boozy at 12 noon off delicious mimosas while simultaneously munching om french toast and gruyère sandwiches? SF, we see you.

Picthx Chow

H/T HowAboutWe