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Chef Padma Lakshmi Likes The Way Her Boobs Look In This Bikini Photo


“The only benefit of gaining weight is what it does to your boobs!” Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi captioned her latest Instagram photo of her in a bikini. On a beach. Being sexy.

For context, here’s the photo:

The only benefit of gaining weight is what it does to your boobs! #idliboobs

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If you’re familiar with Padma, you’ll know she has a history of being sexy. For those that may be a little less familiar, here’s Exhibit A (and the only exhibit) — a Carl’s Jr. commercial for a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from a few years back:

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Sexy Underwear-Wearing Peaches Will Make You All Kinds of Uncomfortable


There’s no denying the fuzzy, subtle cleft of a peach can sometimes look a little, ahem, suggestive, but leave it to Asia to take it to the next level, by tossing some sexy panties on those cheeky sonumbitches.

A novelty souvenir for the upcoming Qixi Festival in Nanjing, “Ripe Fruit” peaches reportedly come from the Yangshan, Wuxi region of China, an area renown for its lingerie industry, according to Kotaku. Delicately placed in a satin-lined gift box, each butt peach comes with its own set of sheer and lacy underwear. Seriously, these things are trying harder than I do on a Friday night. A set of nine goes for 498 yuan or approximately $80 USD.


Supposedly the peaches from Wuxi taste pretty good, which is almost enough to justify the price. What you decide to do with the tiny leftover lingerie is up to you. We won’t judge.

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This early In-N-Out Burger advertisement is everything right now



Random Food Facts As Told By Hot Chicks [NSFW]

For the average horn dog, learning proper facts can be quite the challenge ever since the advent of porn, the Internet, Internet Porn, and the idea of porn in general. Thanks to the geniuses over at the Facts and Chicks concept blog, we can now observe the world’s most useless facts plastered over photographs of beautiful, scantily-clad women.

We put in a few hours of research sifting through their archive and picked out the food-related facts we figured everyone, male or female, could appreciate. Yes, some may be unsafer for work than others. Just a heads up:

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10 Sexy Food Costume Ideas for Lady Foodbeasts

Halloween is right around the corner, and the topic on everyone’s mind is “What am I going to be for Halloween?!“. Guys, get creative. Girls, you know the deal…Halloween weekend is the night reserved for sluttiness, so we’ve found 10 of our favorite sexy food-related costumes to consider for the special evening. If you’ve yet to find an appropriately sexy outfit, hopefully our shopping list will help you out!


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Hardee's: Padma Lakshmi Commercial

As reported almost a month ago, the sexy Top Chef host has taken to Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s to promote their new Western Bacon Thickburger. For some reason, it’s a lot more arousing and “food-pornesque” watching Padma eat a burger than it was watching Paris Hilton do it. It could be that Padma eats sauce off of her leg, but who knows. Either way, the commercial is finally here, and we got the extended version after the jump as well. What you all think?


Padma Lakshmi for Hardee's

The Famed Top Chef host, Padma Lakshmi has an interesting story that I just learned about not too long ago. This former vegetarian use to sneak out of her house and indulge in meat cravings (apparently, like the Bacon Western pictured above). Earlier this week, the seductress of a chef shot a television commercial with Hardee’s for their Bacon Western Thickburger. The full picture is after the jump: