This Manager Needs to IHOP Off His Employees’ Personal Space


A lawsuit was filed Tuesday by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and charged the manager of several IHOP locations in the Midwest, Lee Broadnax, with sexual harassment of female employees. According to the attorneys for the plaintiffs, the women were forced to resign because they could no longer tolerate the harassment they were subjected to.

If the allegations are true, this manager sounds like the sleaziest of dudes.

Broadnax allegedly subjected the female workers to pervasive sexual comments, unwelcome physical contact and sexual innuendo, and was said to have created a hostile work environment. The suit was filed on behalf of Jami Juarez and a group of women claiming sexual harassment charges against Broadnax.

According a statement by EEOC attorneys regarding the lawsuit, a server was consistently called vulgar and harassing names while on the clock. The manager-owner of the IHOP had also allegedly asked her to dance on a “stripper pole” in his office.

Why does this guy even have a stripper pole in his office?

When the server complained about this, she was let go from her position.

The lawsuit targets the management companies that operate the six restaurants involved.

DineEquity Inc., parent company of IHOP, declined to comment on the matter.

The plaintiffs are currently seeking lost wages and damages, as well as indicative relief that something like this will not happen again in the future.

Sorry dude, but your pancakes are tainted with sexism.


The Most Sexual Thing You’ll See All Day


At first it’s like, “Aww, there goes the Wienermobile!” and then, it’s like “Ooohh, that’s just awesome.” And then the onslaught of puns begin and your brain goes into shock from the sudden torrent of inappropriate dildo/challenge accepted/mom jokes. I mean, gosh, I can only imagine what the driver of that swagmobile was thinking.

Personally, I thought, “Still a better love story than Twilight.”



Apparently This is What a Radish Orgasm Sounds Like


Move over doggies and dolphins and, for the handful of you still living in the dark ages, people – Japan’s newest source of sexual play doesn’t even need genitalia for you to have a good time.

TL;DR: Japanese people are groping vegetables now. What.

Dubbed the “Sexual Harassment Interface,” this project by Miss Etsuko Ichihara features daikon which have been retrofitted with electrical sensors causing them to moan erotically whenever and wherever they’ve been touched. Guy radishes, girl radishes—at one point the video even has multiple radishes going at once for a virtual radish orgy. The reason has something to do with concretization and abstraction. Though what sort of statement on sexual harassment groping vegetables makes, especially vegetables which seem very much to be enjoying it, is far, far beyond me.

Check out the uncomfortably NSFW-ish video below and then turn off your laptop and go to sleep. Because that’s . . . just about enough internet for today.

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The Best Apology Cake

The best cake I have ever seen hands down. Looks like this guy finished like a boss! Too bad it wasn’t the same for the other person, but at least they got a cake. (Thx funfoll)