Unexpected Ways To Sexually Use Grapefruits, Cucumbers And Honey [NSFW]

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If you’re stuck in a sexual rut, and the same old trusty moves just aren’t working in the bedroom, the answer to your problems might be inside your fridge.

Thanks to movies like American Pie and, well, the internet in general, we know there’s a lineup of foods like whipped cream and chocolate syrup that sweeten things up a bit, but would you have any idea how to use a grapefruit in bed?

A woman by the name of Auntie Angel has mastered the art of combining food with sex, and first showed her genius methods by using a grapefruit to help enhance fellatio.

***Just a heads up: All her methods are VERY GRAPHIC, so if you’re squeamish, turn back now, or forever hold your peace.***

The video below is roughly close to the original Auntie Angel tutorial:

Munchies not only approached the innovative sex educator to get the skinny on sexy foods, they had porn star Kimberly Kane ask all the questions.

In the video below, at about 1:20, Auntie Angel discusses the grapefruit trick. At 1:50 she digs into an arousal trick using celery.

As kind of a bonus, at 2:10, she lists some foods both men and women can eat to change the taste of cum.

At 5:55, Auntie really gets to teaching and unveils something called the “Honey Nut Swirl.” Yup. If anything, at least watch this.

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Later on, she even shows alternative ways to use cucumbers and whipped cream—ways you’ve definitely never thought of.

Go ahead and peep the vid for yourself. The whole thing really is filled with an overabundance of sexual knowledge:


Finally, Make an Edible Phallus out of Anything with the ‘Dildo Maker’


Well, I hate to be the one to say it, but thank goodness, amirite, ladies? I, for one, was getting real tired of non-degradable dildos. I mean, it’s 2013, and we still live in a world where, when the old one runs out, were just supposed to shove it in a duct taped plastic bag, bury it at the bottom of a dumpster, and hope for the best! It just sits there in a landfill somewhere, taunting you defiantly. Wasteful.

Fortunately, designer Francesco Morackini has the solution. Where others see a perverted pencil sharpener, innovator and all around ladies’ man Franny sees the Dildo Maker:  An opportunity to offer “sexual pleasure” while also making us question “our relationship between us and manufactured products.” Clearly, that relationship should be dirty and sexual. What, you were just gonna use that lit scented candle for ambiance? WRONG. Use it for BDSM. Obviously.


While the design appears to be just a concept thus far, we, as consumers, should be pushing for production (LOL INNUENDO … kinda). Our buddy Francesco offers a “limitless choice of creations,” a carrot, a Popsicle and a stack of ice cubes. He does warn that all soft material must be frozen before insertion into the Dildo Maker (more puns!), but once you’re done, ta da! Never throw away any phallic items again. At least not before this crazy awesome form of recycling, which —

— oh, who am I kidding? This is gross. Stop it, Francesco. Stop it.

H/T Geekologie + PicThx Incredible Things