Cupcake Sex Ed

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STD Cupcakes – For If You’ve Ever Thought About Banging a Cupcake [Mildly NSFW]

Truth be told, we’re not sure if even our safest, most gentlemanly cupcake eating methods could help you out of this one.

With fondant disguised as warts and scabs and even a green-oozing “cockcake,” these STD cupcakes by blogger Jenni Powell are “anatomically correct” and have actually helped to promote STD awareness.

We believe it. I for one can’t look at these for more than a second and not cringe. Fear and loathing, indeed.

STD Awareness Cupcakes by Jenni Powell (AKA “Miss Cakehead”), available at the “Eat Your Heart Out” Pop-Up Shop Oct 26 – Oct 28, St. Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum, London.