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Watch Seth Rogen Taste Test Secret Menu Burgers

Seth Rogen is arguably one of the funniest men on the planet, so you know he’s going to have his mind blown in a hilarious way when trying new food.

On First We Feast’s latest episode of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan made Rogen choose between the Tupac and Biggies of the burger world.

Trying both In-N-Out’s Animal Style Burger,\ and Shake Shack’s Peanut Butter and Bacon Shackburger, Rogen reviewed and made a choice between the two secret menu items.

Rogen, a true gentleman and scholar, chose California’s Animal Style Burger over the East Coast burger. The convincing point seemed to be In-N-Out’s chopped chilies, as the  comedian said they were a revelation and added a dimension to In-N-Out that he didn’t know existed.

Is the debate between In-N-Out and Shake Shack now settled through the words of Seth Rogen? Probably not.  Fans will forever fight over the two burger spots. It also didn’t help that Rogen said he once got food poisoning from In-N-Out, but he did say he immediately went back, because In-N-Out is worth it.

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Seth Rogen’s Mouth Shuts Down After Trying This Hot Wing Challenge [WATCH]

The only thing better than watching Seth Rogen be funny, is watching Seth Rogen be funny while his mouth is on fire and barely functioning.

Rogen and Dominic Cooper took a shot at First We Feast’s ‘Hot One’s’ spicy wing challenge and somehow made it through all five wings without passing out. It wasn’t without pain, though, as Rogen said his mouth shut down, while Cooper wanted to quit with one wing left.

Whilst enduring the wings, Rogen talked about almost getting killed by his roommate Martin Starr, mentioned his favorite food in New Orleans, and even renamed a hot sauce, “The Devil’s Semen.”

Cooper, on the other hand, talked about his starring role in Preacher and even shared a memory when he got Tabasco sauce in his eye and had someone lick his eyeball.

Watching Seth Rogen do his nervous laugh while in a spicy panic just might be one of the best things you’ll see this week.

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Seth Rogen Delivered Pizza And Partied With Unsuspecting Customers

The only thing better than Seth Rogen delivering your pizza is him offering you an alternative “Mystery Pie” in the process.

James Corden of the Late Late Show, recruited Rogen to help deliver some pizzas from Prime Pizza in Los Angeles, and as they arrived to customer doors, they presented the opportunity to keep their original order and go on with their day, or choose the mystery box, risking it all.

Of course, with Rogen holding the mystery boxes, how are you going to refuse it? I mean, it could be anything. It could even be a boat!

The mystery box did have a couple of duds, in the form of sauce “pizza,” and watching James Corden wrestle in spandex, but the final mystery was actually kind of cool. The customers who chose the mystery box at the end of the video got to pretend that they had an out-of-control party with Corden, Rogen, and actor Dominic Cooper. While the photos may have been staged, the fact that they were all there made it a pretty awesome party, regardless of the phony pictures.

If Seth Rogen shows up at your door with regular pizza and a mystery box, always choose the mystery box.


Here’s Why ‘Sausage Party’ Unexpectedly Killed Box Office Sales

In a generation so food-obsessed, Sony, with the help of Seth Rogen, hit it out of the park with audiences via their animated food comedy “Sausage Party.” The film started out with a Rotten Tomato score of 93 and now holds a still impressive 83. It brought in more than double of what predictions had set for it, grossing $33.6 million. The trailer has 21 million views, so how did it come to be that a raunchy animated film about sausages did so much better than the industry thought it would?

The premise of the movie is that all grocery store products are constantly awaiting salvation (or purchase by a customer), but in actuality they are being chosen to be skinned alive and die a painful death.

Today’s food culture has become centered around trending recipes and food that is photo-worthy and this movie’s unexpected success is proof that food is such a resonating topic with today’s young adults who have grown up with a unique and special connection with it. So it’s no surprise that this raunch-fest that has such a noteworthy mastermind behind it, and who is also responsible for many of our other favorite box office hits, did so well.

“What the filmmakers brought really inspired the marketing team to do things really different — just like the film itself,” President of Sony Distribution told TheWrap

Overall, it’s foul-mouthed hilarity that is based on the doomed journey that food takes when it is purchased, and it’s that kind of crude humor in an unsuspected setting that Generation-Y eats up. Rogen’s original concept and his ability to connect with young adults through his suggestive films surely had a part in the movie’s resonance with the audience.

Fine Brothers Entertainment does a short review of the trailer with some older folks, and here you can watch them react to the trailer, and in a predictable way at that. The folks are repulsed by the language and ultimately confused at why an A-list cast would succumb to being associated with such a film. I firmly believe that all that our generation wants is to be kids forever, and one gentleman in the elders review solidifies the biggest difference between them and us. He says that he was a fan of cartoons when he was young… then slams them by basically saying, “and then I grew up.” Burn. But with a generation that lives for Disneyland and food porn pics, this movie hit the nail on the head as far as reading today’s audience, and it’s got the numbers to prove it.

Ultimately we’re able to thoroughly enjoy the inappropriate writing and twisted animation, while also forgetting about being adults for a second.



Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelis


Seth Rogen And Amy Schumer Campaign For Gender Equality In Bud Light’s New Commercial

Comedians Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer take center stage in Bud Light’s newest commercial focusing on the topic of “Equal Pay” for the sexes.

To share their stance on Equal Pay, Bud Light Party is donating $1 for each social post sporting the tag #CheersToEqualPay to Catalyst. Catalyst is an organization that fights for equal rights for genders and Bud Light Party will donate up $150,000 during their campaign.

Fans can post between June 27 through July 1. Check out the spot.


Here’s The NSFW Trailer For Seth Rogen’s New Sausage Movie

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the comedic duo behind such films as Superbad and This Is The End, have teamed up once again to tell us a story about the foods we buy at the supermarket.

It’s called Sausage Party.

The R-rated animated comedy revolves around a sausage named Frank, voiced by Rogen, who dreams of nothing more than to be purchased and taken home. When he and his friends finally get their dream, however, they’re horrified to see how humans really treat food.

Check out the totally unsafe for work trailer. It’ll kind of make you rethink that pre-lunch snack.

Kind of.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

James Franco and Seth Rogen Make a Korean BBQ Lasagna [WATCH]


In one of the most awesomely timed YouTube collaborations ever, Epic Meal Time teamed up with Seth Rogen and James Franco to create a Korean BBQ Lasagna that actually looks palatable.

The video features Rogen and Franco building a Korean BBQ-inspired lasagna riddled with french fries, Korean meats and noodle dividers. Even better, the acting duo’s controversial new comedy film about assassinating North Korea’s Kim Jong Un launches December 25th, just a few weeks away.

Enjoy the episode, along with some blatantly terrible SEOUL cooking references:


Turns Out a Lot of Gluten-Free People Don’t Actually Know What Gluten Is [Watch]


In last year’s This is The End, Seth Rogen’s character Seth Rogen describes gluten as a blanket term for things that are bad for you, from calories to fat. While this isn’t entirely accurate (it’s actually a  composite wheat protein), the definition seems to work well enough for plenty of people as a solid reason to go gluten-free.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy decided to venture into gluten-free capital of the world Los Angeles to interview self-proclaimed GF-ers and ask if they, in fact, know what gluten is. The results are probably as you’d expect, but hey, nothing beats laughing at hipsters and people who don’t eat pizza by choice.

Also, just because: