Food Trucks

Kogi BBQ Truck Reveals a “Half Baked” Quesadilla

Taking after the nuances of a half-baked potato, the Kogi BBQ Truck has revealed what they call the Half Baked quesadilla. The new item is filled with bacon, crisp Chinese broccoli, melted cheddar and jack cheese, their own salsa azul (habanero-basil-blueberry), sour cream and toasted sesame seeds.

For those in Southern California, the truck’s schedule is up in its entirety on their website.

Cravings Sweets

Turtle Pretzels

These turtle pretzels can’t hide in their shells from me! Soft pretzel dough manipulated makes up these turtles figures. You can use anything dark for their eyes such as chocolate chips or even black sesame seeds! (Thx KC)


Turn Up The Heat With Habanero Soy Sauce

A unique balance of heat, citrus, and salty flavors all come together in this Habanero Soy Sauce Recipe. This simple yet sophisticated recipe will turn your plain old average sushi into something memorable and different. Forget spicy tuna rolls, habanero soy sauce is where it’s at!


Everything Bagel Spice


Ever had a everything bagel and wonder, what else could this have on it? Probably not, because it already has everything you could ask for. Now what if you could take those spices and put it on all your foods. Well now you can with the Everything Bagel Spice. $5 and all of your food can be as scrumptious as an everything bagel. (Thx Coolmaterial)