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Selena Gomez Debuts New Sundae at Serendipity3

Serendipity3, the legendary New York City landmark restaurant, today unveiled its latest menu item in collaboration with celebrity partner and investor, Selena Gomez. 

Dubbed The Selena Sundae, the frozen treat features three scoops of Cookies & Cream ice cream, along with Banana, Hot Fudge, Cream-Filled Cookie Crumbles, decadent Pink Sugar, Whipped Cream and a Cherry on top, and will go for $29.95.

Besides being a tasty dessert, The Selena Sundae is also supporting a worthy cause, with a portion of its proceeds going to Selena’s own Rare Impact Fund, which is committed to expanding access to mental health services in educational settings.

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Serendipity3 Unveils the World’s Most Expensive French Fries

Photo: Serendipity3

There’s got to be better ways to eat bougie than dusting dishes with edible gold. Really, I find it tough to justify a significant price hike in otherwise everyday menu items just because they now look like they were treated with shimmer body lotion.

But it seems Serendipity3 goes beyond the surface glitter by going absolutely bonkers on the decadence and opulence with their latest offering of French fries, which just so happen to be the Most Expensive French Fries according to Guinness World Records.

The dollar signs start adding up with the fries’ over-the-top deets: Chipperbec potatoes are blanched in Dom Perignon Champagne and J. LeBlanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar, which are then fried three times in goose fat. Afterwards, the fries are bombarded with a barrage of truffle salt from France, truffle oil, and shaved black summer truffles from Italy, as well as shaved sheep’s milk pecorino. A Mornay sauce made of cow’s udder cream, truffle butter, and a Swiss cheese that’s been aged for three months accompanies the dish. And yes, the climax is the cliched 23k edible gold sprinkled on top. Oh and to take it to the top tier, these French fries are served on a Baccarat crystal plate.

If you’ve got $200 to dedicate to some pinky up activities, these fries can be yours at Serendipity3 in New York City.

All I’m saying is that they better let you keep the plate.


Serendipity3 Frozen Hot Chocolate Mix & Gift Set

Yet another product that is not only delectable, but doubles as a perfectly suitable Holiday gift! Hidden within the confines of that box is the key to whipping up the famed dessert from NYC’s Serendipity3 restaurant. For $25, the gift box includes a genuine Serendipity glass goblet, two packs of drink mix, special spoons, colorful straws and some literature on the restaurant’s history. All that’s needed is some milk and ice, and you will be set. Drink on!