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Bloomingdale’s and Peach Mart Collaborate on a Snack Box featuring Asia’s Favorite Munchies

New York radio legend Minya Oh, best known as Miss Info, has curated a selection of Seoul-inspired goods for Bloomingdale’s seventh edition of “The Carousel: Window Into Seoul.” The Carousel is a rotating pop-up concept inspired by the idea, “retail is theatre,” which was coined by past Bloomingdale’s CEO Marvin Traub. Driven by culturally relevant themes and curated by special guest tastemakers, The Carousel adds a bit of “retailtainment” to the Bloomingdale’s experience. 

The latest concept honors South Korea as a cultural hub on the forefront of beauty, fashion, and music. To offer an authentic experience, Miss Info chose products from 25 trend-setting Seoul-based brands including W Concept, the largest fashion e-commerce and multi-brand retailer in Korea, and Amorepacific, one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies based in South Korea. There’s no shortage of options with products ranging between fashion, beauty, home categories as well as popular snacks. 

Home categories offer an array of products to enhance your domestic life like a Philips smokeless grill, a mandolin from OXO, a Scoby Kombucha kit and a rice cooker from Zojirushi.

This munchie experience is offered in Peach Mart snack boxes. Peach Mart is a take-away shop from Chef David Chang’s Momofuku. Snack connoisseurs are sure to be in heaven with each box containing a wide selection of popular snacks like Pocky and Koala’s March, perfect for sharing with a friend. In addition to snacks, “Window Into Seoul,” also offers three savory sauces from KPOP Foods, an up and coming Korean flavor-inspired brand. Flavors included are kimchi, honey glaze and their special KPOP sauce.

You can get your Asian snacks fix from “Window Into Seoul” at four Bloomingdale’s locations — 59th Street, Soho, Century City, San Francisco  and online from September 5th through November 4th. 


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Crunkin’ Cronuts: World’s Most Hipster Pastry Finally Goes Mainstream


It’s not as if being the most hyped-up bakery item in the history of forever isn’t already “mainstream,” but there’s a difference between being like, reddit-mainstream and being Buzzfeed-mainstream, yannowhatImean?

Less than two months after Dominique Ansel blew up the internet with his infamous deep fried donut-croissant hybrid, Dunkin’ Donuts locations in both South Korea and the Philippines have now commercialized the monstrosity overseas. Dubbed the “New York Pie Donut” in Seoul and the “Donut Croissant” in Manila, these chain-born imposters are hardly the first cronut knock-offs to make their way abroad, but they are probably the first steps to viably diluting and mass-producing the beauty of the original on a global scale. In other words, pretty freaking sweet!


Soon we’ll have Cronut cupcakes and Cronut ice cream and Cronut coffee creamers. People will name their kids “Cronut” and those kids will grow up to bully everyone named “Doissant.” And on and on and so on and so forth until somebody finally stands up and shouts to the high heavens, “For the love of God can we stop talking about the Cronut?!” And of course we’ll just ignore him until we find something new to obsess over. I mean, old as they are, Sriracha and bacon and nutella are still around folks. This is going to be a long and bumpy ride.

H/T Quartz + PicThx DDSK, DDPH


Dunkin’ Donuts Uses ‘Flavor Radio’ to Turn Korean Bus Riders into Pavlovian Pooches

Hear jingle, smell coffee, buy Dunkin’ Donuts. Repeat ad infinitum.

That’s the basic premise behind an ad campaign tested on public buses in Korea earlier this year. Using sound-sensing scent sprayers, Dunkin’ Donuts’ “Flavor Radio” would unleash the smell of coffee on unsuspecting commuters after hearing the chain’s ad and jingle. Played right before a stop with a Dunkin’ Donuts location, the ad sent listeners off with the following dialogue (in Korean):

Woman: I got coffee for you, too, honey!
Man: Wow! Where did you get this? It smells delicious!
Woman: At the Dunkin’ right here!
Announcer: Dunkin’s coffee is waiting for you right at your stop.

Cue the jingle, the subsequent scent-fest and more than a few surprised sleepyheads eager to quench their thirst right at the next stop. Despite the arguably invasive technique, such visceral approaches apparently really work, with visitors at stores on routes with the scent dispensers increasing by 16% and coffee sales at those locations increasing by 29%.

Unfortunately, there have been no plans announced to bring such subliminal psych-olfactory public transportation trickery over to the States, but if that changes, we’re all ears. Or noses. Whatever.

Here’s a video explaining the process:

[Via The Atlantic]