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You Can Eat Your Own Selfie On These Next-Level Cookies

The edible ink masters over at Selffee have already managed to impress with their mobile edible photobooth. The company uses FDA-certified edible inks to print a selfie or any other image onto drinks, cupcakes, cookies, and more.

After being successfully funded on Indiegogo, Selffee is ready to move to the next level and begin shipping their printed cookies across the United States. You can upload any selfie or image you want using the app, or on the Selffee website. Selffee will then print the images onto some fresh cookies and ship them to you within 4-8 days.

We’ve already begun to see just how legit these cookies are, as both our squad here at Foodbeast and our friends over at @foodbabyny have already begun to receive some shipments of these selfie treats. Check the video above to see what they look like, and maybe consider buying some for yourself.

The possibilities with Selffee are endless here: cookies with your homie’s face printed on them as a birthday present? Jon Snow-printed cookies for Game of Thrones watching sessions? Pranking a Cleveland Cavaliers fan with some Kevin Durant-colored sweets? A screen shot of a successful DM-endeavor on an edible treat? WHY NOT?! I can’t wait to try some of these ideas out for myself.

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Selffee Is The Edible Photobooth That You Need At Your Next Function

Sure, self love is healthy and all, on some Eat, Pray, Love tip, but would you actually eat your face? While you marinate on that odd concept, let me just fast track that result for you: you probably would if it was on a tasty cupcake or bomb breakfast burrito.

Thanks to the good folks at Selffee, the mobile edible photobooth, this delectable concept is a reality. Using edible inks that are FDA certified and safe to eat, Selffee uses an exclusive app and technology that allows a customer to take a selfie or send them an image for use. They then print the image using their technology onto cold brew iced coffee, cupcakes, cookies and more.

The New York City-based startup is the first of its kind and is the perfect compliment to any type of event and function.

Currently Selffee has an Indiegogo campaign running for the next month to help raise support for their truly unique and fun experience. So if you’re all about taking a bite out of a Crying MJ cupcake or sipping out of an image of Arthur’s fist, or even simply enjoying an In-N-Out Double Double with your personal logo on it like we did, you can check it out, donate, then get your mail order Selffee cookies here.