West Coast Chill: World’s First Self Chilling Drink?


Ever get stuck at work on a hot day and all you want is a nice cold drink? Then you get home and find that the only drinks you have are at room-damn-temperature?! Then you have the choice of either chugging it or throwing it in the freezer waiting until it’s cold enough to finally enjoy.

Either way, you end up rather unfulfilled. Every so often you hear that someone, somewhere, is going to invent the world’s first self chilling beverage. But has anyone actually ever done it?

According to Joseph Company International, the title goes to their new product: West Coast Chill. The beverage is said to be an all-natural energy drink that cools itself! Thanks to the company’s patented Chill Can,  all you have to do is press a tab and the temperature of the can will drop 30°F in three minutes.

West Coast Chill is expected to hit stores late March to early April in the Southern California and Las Vegas areas, so make sure to keep an eye out!

via: gizmag