Seinfeld’s George Costanza Would FREAK OUT If He Knew There Was A Bar Dedicated To Him

If I owned a company, my employees would love me. They’d have huge pictures of me up the walls and in their home, like Lenin.

– George Costanza on “Seinfeld”

Being known as the most awkward, neurotic, self-loathing, maladjusted and obsessive-compulsive character on television may seem like it would draw the displeasure and distaste of viewers, but it’s actually quite the contrary.

George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander on the hit show Seinfeld for its 9-year run, has resonated so well with the shows fans that one pair of die-hards went so far as to create a Costanza-themed bar.

Dave and Tina Barrett, co-owners and operators of the Seinfeld-influenced establishment, initially had a bar called “George’s Bar” named after Barrett’s grandfather. The duo had a variety of photos and decorations throughout the bar humorously honoring George Costanza and his antics on the show.

After word got out of a bar themed with everyone’s favorite Seinfeld character, their popularity skyrocketed. The Barretts decided to just go with the flow and give the entire bar an overhaul, completely encompassing the spirit of Costanza. The drinks and snacks are named after Costanza references, the walls and doors are adorned with quotes and phrases, and pictures of the portly man grace the operation throughout the inside.

Even Jason Alexander was flattered and excited for the opening of the bar honoring his famed character.

The bar, located in Fitzroy, Australia, is now open for business to everyone, including close talkers and double dippers.



Image Source: Instagram (@georgesbarfitzroy)


‘Muffin Top’ Cupcake Molds, because You Only Eat the Top Anyway

Yes, you read that right. The folks over at Perpetual Kid have gone where no baker has gone before and finally created a mold dedicated to “muffin tops.” It’s about time, because let’s be real: the most delicious part of any cupcake/muffin is the top.

The silicone molds are shaped like the bottom half of a pleasantly plump individual. When the muffins bake, they squeeze out over the top, forming delicious bulges that go great with a glass of milk. Just don’t think too much about how it feels like you’re eating a tiny person made of cake, or wonder where his top half went.


My only question is what happens when you take the little muffins out of their molds? Are they shaped like tiny legs with perfect little buns? (And can I get a high five for bun puns?)

Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds $12.99 @Perpetual Kid


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