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Animated Infographic Explains The Truth Behind Ancient Greek Superfoods

We’ve alway been fascinated with Greek mythology, with gods and monsters battling it out, going on quests, and just performing legendary feats.

When it came to Greek foods, superfoods specifically, there have been quite a few myths and legends. It was believed that herbs could heal battle wounds, beetroot could keep you beautiful, and almonds could prevent drunkeness.

Travel Supermarket asked nutritionist and registered dietitian Katie Peck if there was any real-world merit to these myths. Through a series of animated infographics, she explains the true story behind these ancient “superfoods.”

Check them out below:


Cretan dittany

Poppy seeds

Goat’s milk


Pretty fascinating to see the facts behind these legends. Might grab a bottle of goat’s milk on the way home.

Also, we asked resident Greek Constantine Spyrou if he had any superfoods to add to the list, he only had this to say:

“The only real Greek superfood…is lamb.”

Hit-Or-Miss Tastemade/Snapchat

This Is Why You Should Stop Being Skeptical of Pomegranates


I wasn’t present at whatever meeting where “they” decided that pomegranate would go in everything. All I know is that one night, I went to bed with my cocktails full of lemon juice and my shampoos reeking of “Mountain Meadow Mist” and then the next day everything from salad dressings to condoms had the word “pomegranate” on it. The hostile takeover left me impressed, though also perturbed, by its sheer audacity.

“Very bold,” I likely muttered, before thinning my eyes and concluding, “a little too bold.”

Like everyone, though, I came around. It was akin to one of those sci-fi stories where the aliens show up promising to improve the livelihoods of all mankind and everyone’s (rightfully) skeptical, but it turns out they actually do want to help us evolve.

For starters, pomegranates want to pump us full of antioxidants, which prevents damage to your cells. Pomegranate juice actually ranks as the fifth strongest antioxidant. You know what else is ranked fifth best? The Beatles’ celebrated album Rubber Soul and Aretha Franklin’s classic rendition of the song “Respect” (both according to Rolling Stone anyway). So don’t you dare write off fifth just because there’s no designated Olympic medal for it!

Are there also cool amounts of Vitamins C and K? Hell yes. You know what they do? They empower your immune system and help with blood-clotting. So, yeah, Snootypants, you’re welcome.

“Oh, but that’s probably it, really,” you’re already muttering, totally interrupting me.


They’ve got potassium, which you love because it super helps with muscle control and blood pressure regulation. I’m pretty sure everyone likes moving around and not having strokes.

“So these undeniably high-tech examples of nature are, what, made in Batman’s cave then?” you’re asking me, once again interrupting.

First of all, it’s called the Batcave. Read a comic book. Secondly, no, the total opposite! Pomegranates are grown in the sunniest, warmest spots around, and as determined survivors, they’ll even grow in partial shade. They grow on adorable trees with the fruits looking like giant ruby red Christmas ornaments (sometimes with a little pinkish hue thrown in for good, sassy measure).

Plus, their seeds are insanely stylish additions to desserts, given that they are 1) delicious and 2) high in sugar. Those seeds also pack a ton of fiber, which limits the effects on blood sugar levels, so it’s practically healthy, even in that regard.

So yes, they are, in fact, capable of pretty much everything cool forever. Thank you, pomegranates. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

Packaged Food

Caffeinated Gamer Food

It’s three o’clock in the morning and you’re on the raid of your life in the Black Temple. But alas, you begin to feel the exhaustion of staying awake for three straight days playing World of Warcraft. Your body is hungry, your mind is tired, and you finished off your last energy drink two hours ago. The Japanese guy on the other side of the world is asking you if you’re ready to start and all you can think of is how tired you are.

Luckily, Gamer Food Caffeinated Energy Snacks are available in three flavors: Nuts of Destruction (Ancho Chili and Lime), Seeds of Victory (Sweet and Salty Sunflower Seeds), and Cashews of Chaos (Honey Roasted). These snacks are loaded with the taurine, caffeine, and ginseng you need to take down Illidan Stormrage and finally loot the Warglaive of Azzinoth that you missed two parties and a chem test for.

($4.37/Bag @ Amazon)


Food MRI: Pumpkin

Andy Ellison makes you look at foods in a much different perspective. Through the process of scanning (MRI) a fruit or vegetable we can really see what takes place inside some of our most favorite things to eat. Here we have a pumpkin just in time for Halloween. Look how perfect the seeds are situated inside the big orange sphere. (Thx Insideinsides)


24 Patty McDonald’s Big Mac

This custom ordered and custom-constructed McDonald’s Big Mac is constructed from 12 individual Big Macs, totalling up 24 individual patties. I love how they decided to keep the original construction of the Big Mac with the three pieces of bread with meat evenly distributed amongst the two layers. Genuine architects, to say the least. Eat on bretheren! (PicThx TakeshiFUKADA)