We Asked Starbucks Employees to Make Their Craziest, Personal Drinks


If you ask your local Starbucks barista to surprise you with a drink you’ve never heard of, cross your fingers that you get a “challenge accepted.”

We asked a few different Starbucks baristas in Santa Ana, Calif. to surprise us recently and the results were beautiful. They mixed and matched, added pastries, and let their imaginations run wild. And while there’s  a greater chance the Foodbeast staff will get diabetes now, it is not in vain as we got some beautiful coffee porn to share with the world.

Keep in mind, these are super customized drinks and unless you’re really cool with your barista, you’ll have a hard time convincing them to try and make these specific drinks. Prices vary since these are totally made up creations, but they’re a rough estimate of what you might expect if you actually tried to order drinks like this.

So feast your eyes on these sugary creations and enjoy the caffeine buzz.


L.A. Smog


This one was made by an L.A. transplant who said it’s inspired by the gorgeous view of the smoggy Los Angeles sky. It might sound weird but its contents are delicious. Of all the drinks, this one is one of the more realistic ones to ask for. The ingredients are pretty standard, but when put together, can make even the smoggiest of days more bearable.

  • Green Tea Frappuccino
  • One pump of Mocha (Extra $.60)
  • Java Chips (Extra $.50)
  • One shot of espresso (Extra $.80)
  • Italian drizzle
  • Espresso Whip

Total: About $6.35, Grande


Neapolitan Frap


This one has a classic Neapolitan look with three different flavors infused into one drink. The thickness of each Frap gives it an interesting triple-threat taste as you can drink from the bottom for a strawberry taste, drink from the middle for a chocolaty taste, or drink from the top for a vanilla taste.

  • Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino
  • Java Chip (Extra $50)
  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino (Extra $.50)
  • Raw sugar sprinkled over the top

Total: About $5.45, Grande


The Orange County Dream


This creamsicle-like Frap has been seen by the public before, however, some tweaks have been made and this Orange County inspired drink has been perfected.

  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Valencia Orange Refresher
  • Whipped cream

Total: About $4.25, Grande


The Mexican Flag Frap


In a perfect world, the Strawberries & Creme Frap in this drink would be red, but you get the idea. A mix of red (pink), white and green in this Mexican flag inspired drink takes you through three different sensations, similar to the Neapolitan Frappuccino above.

  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Strawberries & Creme (Extra $.50)
  • Green Tea (Extra $.50)

Total: About $5.55, Grande


The Blueberry Breakfast Shake


This one is an ultra secret item, so much so, that until we got hold of it, it had never touched the lips of non-Starbucks employee. Behold the Blueberry Breakfast Shake. Yes, that is a blueberry muffin top gracing the top of this beauty. It is a Soy Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, blended with a whole blueberry muffin and topped with fresh blueberries. It tastes as amazing as it sounds and actually didn’t feel too heavy. Technically, they’re not allowed to blend muffins, so of all the drinks on this list, this one might be the one voted, “Most Likely to be an Unattainable Import Model.”

  • Soy Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Blueberry muffin (Extra $2.25)
  • Fresh blueberries (Extra $1)

Total: About $6.75, Grande


Apple Pie Frap


It was freaky how much this one tasted like an apple pie. It was reminiscent of dessert time at Thanksgiving. I’m 72 percent sure this caramel and apple pairing was what the American dream was built on.

  • Half and Half
  • Apple Juice
  • Cinnamon Dolce Caramel
  • Whipped Cream
  • Extra Caramel
  • Cinnamon Dolce Powder

Total: About $4.35, Grande


Strawberry Shortbread Crumble


This Frap was made up on-the-spot. It’s just a Strawberries & Creme Frap blended with their shortbread cookies and topped with dried fruit. Again, they’re technically not allowed to blend their cookies, but if you’re slick enough to convince them to, it makes the Strawberries & Creme Frap so much better.

  • Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino
  • Shortbread Cookies (Extra $1.50)
  • Dried Strawberry Fruit Inclusion (Extra $.50)

Total: About $6.45, Grande

Photos by Peter Pham

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Del Taco Brings Back Taco-Burger Hybrid


Those who remember Del Taco’s Bun Taco will recall it’s essentially a taco made with hamburger buns. Kind of like a Sloppy Joe. The former addition to the Del Taco menu will now make its return just in time for the chain’s 50th anniversary along with two other items: the Taco Salad and Orange Shake.

The Bun Taco is made with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and a tomato slice sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. Also making a return is the Taco Salad made with lettuce and tortilla chips with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes and Del Taco’s special white sauce. The new shake blends orange and vanilla flavors with whipped cream.

The items are a part of the Throwback Classics menu and will only be available for a limited time. The Bun Taco, however, will be available as a secret menu item that can still be ordered once the special ends.

Can we go bold with those?

Picthx Brand Eating

Fast Food

3 Chipotle Dishes You Won’t Find on the Menu

Story originally written by Anna Monette Roberts of PopSugar

It’s about as rare as Chipotle’s grilled steak to see new items on its menus, but the company constantly tests new dishes at food festivals. This weekend in San Francisco at the chain’s own Chipotle Cultivate food and music festival, burrito-lovers noshed on kale salad, pork belly gorditas, and margarita pie ice cream (a partnership with Ben & Jerry’s). For those who want in on these exclusivities, there will be two more Chipotle Cultivate fests later in the Summer in Minneapolis and Dallas, so you can see and taste the bites for yourself.


Chipotle Kale Salad with Grilled Steak


There is a whole lot to love in this bowl full of delicate baby kale, which is much easier to munch and more spinach-like than your run-of-the-mill kale. The tender grilled steak, roasted corn escabeche (pickled vegetables), and crispy tortillas give the salad substantial flavor and texture. The sweet chipotle-honey vinaigrette has been Chipotle’s standard salad dressing for years, and it tastes just as great on baby kale as it does on romaine. The only thing that may be too overpowering is the crumbled cotija. Its dry, powdery consistency reminds me of Kraft’s Grated Parmesan, and it took away from the bold flavors already present in the bowl.


Chipotle Pork Belly Gordita


At the festival, pork belly wafted in the air, and thus this stand had the largest line. Chipotle workers grill the flatbread to order and top them with pineapple, crunchy cabbage, spicy tomatillo red chili salsa, and cotija cheese. The smoky-sweet pork belly is perfectly caramelized, and it’s so good that you may want to ask for double meat. This item may exceed the Chipotle chili in terms of deliciousness, and I think a hack is in order.


Ben & Jerry’s Margarita Pie Ice Cream


Ben & Jerry’s teamed up with Chipotle to release a limited-edition flavor: Margarita Pie. Shortbread crust pieces and tequila marshmallow swirls fill the lime ice cream. The lime is subtle and not too mouth-puckeringly sour, which I enjoyed, but some found it to be underwhelming. The tequila marshmallow swirl fluffs up the texture of the ice cream and adds to the margarita flavor. There are enough flaky shortbread crust pieces strewn throughout to make you think you’re dining on ice cream pie. Though the company doesn’t have any plans to release the flavor nationwide, we’re really hoping that changes.


More YumSugar:


How to Order Horchata, Creamsicle and Cake Pop Frappes from the Starbucks Secret Menu


You don’t often see many fast-food chains embracing their secret menus. On the way to work, I stopped at a Starbucks in Santa Ana, CA and noticed some secret menu frappes on their Pinterest-friendly chalk board. These drinks included “Happy Horchata”, “Orange County Creamsicle” and the “Incredible Cake-Pop Surprise”. Not your regular menu items, but this store was more than happy to share them with their regulars. Take note, every other Starbucks.

For anyone who’s adventurous enough to try the Horchata, Orange Creamsicle and Cake Pop Frappuccinos, here’s how to order them. If you don’t mind the extra charge, they’re definitely worth experiencing at least once. While these are not your official drinks, the store seemed to care very little about the secrecy of the coveted menu. Looking at you, In-N-Out.




  • Order a Tazo Chai Creme Frappuccino
  • Add vanilla syrup, Cinnamon Dolce syrup and Chai syrup
  • Add whipped cream and cinnamon as a topper


Orange Creamsicle


  • Order choice of milk
  • Add Orange Mango or Valencia Orange Refresher Juice
  • Add classic syrup and a creme base
  • Add whipped cream
  • Orange wedge not included


Cake Pop


  • Order Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Add cake pop blended (maybe throw in two for extra creaminess)



14 Fast Food and Restaurant Employees Confess the One Item You Should Never Order


The following question was posed on Reddit:

“Fast food workers of Reddit, what should we NOT order at your restaurant? Why not?”

While it’s important to know that none of these claims have been verified, we do recommend bookmarking this thread. Just in case. Tons of answers were submitted, we picked the most curious below.


Anything McCafé at McDonald’s

“I work for Mcdonald’s and make sure everyone that matters to me never orders anything that comes out of the ‘McCafe’ machine as these are routinely neglected, in practically all the McDonalds. Not only are staff not properly trained in its cleaning and maintenance, at almost every McDonalds I’ve had experience with, the managers in charge of training them don’t know fuck all either…All McCafe beverages run through a horrifically dirty machine – we’re talking 5+ inches of uncleaned, liquid bullshit making up its inside parts”


Do. Not. Order. Hot Dogs. At. Baseball. Games. Period.

“I used to work in a baseball park concession stand. The short answer is not to order anything, but if you absolutely have to buy something, don’t buy the hotdogs.

Do not. Buy. The Hot Dogs.

They made it out of the package okay, and might even have been edible after we finished grilling them – and then they went into the water. We kept three pans of water at the back of the grill that held the hot dogs. Any hot dogs left at the end of the day went back into the fridge, and came out again the next day. Me and the other cook put our feet down on throwing out the water and old hotdogs after two full days, but the management didn’t want to let us.”


On steak and beans at Taco Bell

“I worked at taco bell a little bit ago and I warn everyone to stay away from both the beans, and the steak. The beans start out looking like cat food, and the directions are, ‘Add water and stir until you can’t see white anymore.’ The steak was just the worst on dish duty. If it would sit too long it would become like hair gel. It was the worst.”


On Wendy’s chili

“I used to work at Wendy’s. The meat used in the chili, yeah that comes from the meat on the grill top that expires and dries up that’s put in to a warming drawer until you have enough for a batch of chili, which we first freeze and then thaw the next day. Also if the chili sitting in the warmer doesn’t sell fast enough we just added hot water to it to mix it up.”


For the love of God, don’t order anything off the Starbucks “Secret Menu”

starbucks butterbeer

“Former starbucks worker here. Please don’t order anything off the ‘Secret Menu’. It doesn’t exist. If you want a snickerdoodle, nuttella, or captain crunch frappuchino (or whatever other overly sugery thing someone has since come out with), know the base drink and the modifications, and order that. If you just say the name, it’s up to the barista to come up with what’s in the drink, and it may not be what the last barista you ordered from put in there.”


On movie theatre popcorn

“I worked at a theater, don’t get popcorn for the first showing- that’s all just last night’s popcorn put into giant garbage bags and then reheated in the warmers in the morning.

Oh yeah and remember that sticky floor in the aisle of the theater? Well what do you think would happen if you had that at your house. YES THAT’S HOW YOU GET ANTS… and cockroaches, and everything else. Plus it’s in the dark most of the time. It’s like a bug buffet once the lights go out and the movie starts.”


Skip the pasta at Panera, stick to the sandwiches

“Panera- pasta; it’s all microwaved, this includes Mac and cheese. Smoothies/frozen drinks- nasty base crap that smells and it’s sticky. Cupcakes/coffee cakes- all come frozen. Best items are the real sandwhich/ salads. Real ingredients and usually fresh.”


Always ask for “fresh” chicken nuggets at McDonald’s

“I used to work at McDonalds. If you order, especially chicken nuggets, just ask for them fresh. Otherwise they’ve been just sitting in their container in the heat. They have a timer, but 9/10 times when that timer goes off, people just reset the timer instead of making new ones. This could go on until all the nuggets are sold.”


Steer clear of beans at Taco Johns

“Taco Johns reporting for all you midwesterners. I would steer clear of the beans, at least outside of peak hours, because they sit on the hot table for a long long time and when they dry out, just add water. Everything else is pretty solid though. Worked there a couple years back in 2007-2009 and still love going back to get my fix.”


BBQ Sandwiches at KFC

“Worked at KFC for ~4 years. The BBQ sandwich is actually made from chicken too old and stale to give to the homeless shelters, so they soak it in BBQ sauce until it can be pulled and then they keep it on the heater for a month.

I still order it through”


The quesarito at Chipotle. Mostly because everyone will hate you.

“It backs up the line like no other. If it’s not busy, you’re fine but PLEASE do not order a quesorito during our peak hours. Employees will hate you. The people behind you in line will hate you. Everyone will hate you. There’s nothing wrong with it health/sanitation wise, but too few people order it for our damned managers to rearrange and optimize our food line for quesorito production.”


The eggs at Einstein’s

“I worked at Einstein’s bagel place which is basically fast food. Don’t order anything with eggs, they aren’t real eggs and if business is slow they could have been sitting in a container for hours after they are microwaved.”


On gas station Slurpees

“Gas station slurpee’s. The amount of mold in those machines would crush your childhood to a pulp.”


The doughnuts at Dunkin (Warning: this will break your heart)

“Currently employed at Dunkin doughnuts and it’s sad but true all the doughnuts and baked goods there come to us frozen.”



You Can Order a ‘Butterbeer’ Frappuccino at Starbucks


It’s painful enough sometimes being a regular Harry Potter fan, but being a foodie Harry Potter fan? Someone just obliviate me now.

After all, Sugar Quills, Fizzing Whizbees, Gillywater, jumping Chocolate Frogs? All things we in our awful Muggle lives will never get to taste in real life. Don’t even get us started on Butterbeer.


Luckily, it doesn’t take much wizardry to cook up something pretty Butterbeer-esque at Starbucks. You can find this easy custom drink hack trending all over the interwebs, just a regular Crème Frappuccino plus three pumps of caramel syrup, three pumps of toffee nut syrup, and a caramel drizzle on top.


It’s not an official drink of course, so when I went to try it this morning, mine arrived on the counter with tragically little fanfare (was kind of hoping it’d be delivered by a house elf). I also opted for no caramel drizzle because diabeetus. Still, the drink itself was pretty magical and a great festive fall alternative to all the Pumpkin Spice around.


Some Starbucks have even seen enough requests for the drink to make it one of their regular features. So what say ye, all ye fellow Potternerds out there? Best Starbucks hack ever, or best Starbucks hack ever?

PicThx HuffPo Eight Ways to Sunday


1000 Instances of In-N-Out #MonkeyStyle, Here Are the Dirtiest, Filthiest & Most Delicious


A few days ago we released footage of In-N-Out’s latest fan eye candy: the Monkey Style Burger. While many of you are familiar with the chain’s “Animal Style” item featuring fries doused in Thousand Island-esque spread, grilled onions and cheese, the “Monkey Style” Burger takes this fast food favorite to the next level.

Here are the deets: Getting your burger “Monkey Style” involves the simple yet beautiful addition of Animal Style fries to In-N-Out’s signature burgers. Although, we should warn you that most cashiers may raise an eyebrow if you make the off-menu request, while others will probably flat out say you’re having delusions of grandeur.

Despite the difficulty of obtaining these fast food unicorns, some have been successful in their attempts. Of course, the obligatory Instagram shots were taken, resulting in more than 1000 glorious, filthy photos of #MonkeyStyle porn. We picked our favorites below, you can thank us later.


Darling, you’re a hot, hot mess


Monkey style burger? Delish!#burger #inandout #signalhill #longbeach — @irmaestoesta


This is real life


Monkey style burger at in&out — @efeezhee 


Whatcha Know ‘Bout That?


Yall don’t know about this, animalstyle fries in your burger!?! Whattt!?!#secretmenu #innout#animalstylefriesinyourburger#wholegrilledonions#ketchupmustardinstead#getonmylevel #imfat #itsok #instafood#instagood #nom —  @yo_timmy


Triplets, ain’t they adorable?


#thatsthatfuckin #shitisreal #innout#monkeystyle #foodhofasho — @badmambajamba


DIY that sh*t


Behold: #MonkeyStyle (select restaurants only.) #hadtomakeitmyself but #itdoesexist — @jukie_




#Monkeystyle #innout #samhookeditup#howdidijustfindoutaboutthis#theregoesmybeachbody#goingtolooklikedaniel #toogood —@chrissmac1


The Over Achiever



#4×4 #monkeystyle #goml — @j_svoboda_




#damonkeybizness#monkeybackride #monkeystyle#likenobodyswatching#mostobnoxioushashtags — @niicbrenna


Professional BEAST STATUS


#MonkeyStyle — @jayareaustria

Now go forth, Foodbeasts, and when you do find the ever elusive Monkey Style burger, make sure to hasthtag #Foodbeast #MonkeyStyle. You know we can never get enough of that good good.

Fast Food

Because Everyone’s Doing It: Subway Reveals ‘Secret Menu’

subway off menu

You already know how we feel about these  so-called “Secret Menus” being revealed all of a sudden. That being said, we have to admit that some of these “off-menu” picks recreated by Subway’s Executive Chef Chris Martone for Huffpo look better than the average fare.

Martone claims that many of these creations come from avid Subway eaters or employees who like to “mix it up a bit.” We can relate to that, eventually the same ol’ Oven Roasted Chicken doesn’t cut it and with over 340,000 possible combinations, you might as well create your own cheesy-guacy-bacon masterpiece.

Some customer favorites featured include the Deconstructed Breakfast Taco Flatbread (pictured above) with egg whites, steak, guac, spinach, red onion, tomatoes and chipotle Southwest sauce. Kudos to whoever created that one, it’s mad genius.

Check out a few more not-so-secret Subway items from Huffpo below and head over here for the rest.


Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub – grilled chicken, ham, Swiss cheese, tomato, spinach and honey mustard

Grilled Cheese Sub – shredded American cheese, Monterey cheddar blend and tomatoes

grilled cheese

Eggs Florentine Flatbread – egg whites, red onion, banana pepper, spinach, black olives and Italian dressing


Martone tends to pay closer attention to the more innovative concoctions and if your sandwich creation is crazy-delicious enough, it could end up on the Subway menu. At least, that’s how the Pizza Sub ended up joining the big leagues.

Now how about that Bacon Guac Cheddar Cheese Roasted Garlic banger? Here’s looking at you, Subway.

H/T + Photo Courtesy  of HuffPo