Red Lobster’s New Secret Menu Item Is Nashville Hot Shrimp

Red Lobster’s season of Endless Shrimp is back and I’ll be skipping lunch this week to fully enjoy myself in the evenings. As a huge shrimp fan, I look forward to this more than Olive Garden’s Endless Pasta season and this year’s off-the-menu addition certainly has my interest piqued.

In honor of this year’s shrimp event, Red Lobster revealed the existence of a new secret menu item: Nashville Hot Shrimp.

Made with crispy corn flake-crusted shrimp, the “secret menu” dish is tossed in a sweet and spicy rub that’s finished with a drizzle of amber honey.

The dish joins the restaurant chain’s line-up of Crispy Sriracha Honey Shrimp, Teriyaki Grilled Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Linguini Alfredo, and Hand Breaded Shrimp.

Because this is a secret menu offering, the Nashville Hot Shrimp won’t appear on the menu. To get it, just simply order it with your server and they’ll know exactly what to get you.

You can purchase Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp deal for $15.99 at participating restaurant locations.

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Subway Just Became The First Chain To Bake King’s Hawaiian Bread In Stores

In terms of fast food secret menus, none is more legendary than the Animal Style from In-N-Out. The option to add secret sauce, cheese, onions, and a plethora of other condiments to your burgers and fries has become the tried and true way to enjoy the burgers for tons of fans.

In-N-Out may have a new competitor in that space though, because Subway is beginning to test its own version of a secret sub construction method called Aloha Style. The secret ordering method features a first for the industry as well, as Subway is now the first ever chain to fresh bake their own King’s Hawaiian bread.

Photo courtesy of Subway

“Aloha Style” arrives as Subway is testing a new 8-inch King’s Hawaiian sub roll in 300 restaurants in various parts of the country. That test involves two new sandwiches featuring the bread, a Turkey, Bacon & Provolone as well as a Ham & Swiss. However, folks in the test locations can also upgrade ANY sandwich on the menu to “Aloha Style.” What that means is that a typical 6-inch sub will be bumped up to the 8-inch King’s Hawaiian roll, and you’ll get an upgraded portion of meat and cheese to match. The increase amounts to 50% more meat and double the amount of cheese in a 6-inch sub.

Right now, Subway is testing the new bread in over 300 restaurants in the Champaign, Illinois, Reno, Nevada and Richmond, Virginia areas, so you’ll have to head there if you want your go-to sandwich made in this new secret style.

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Shake Shack Created A Special ‘Game Of Thrones’ Menu For The Show’s Final Season

The Game of Thrones food collabs leading up to the show’s final season have been drool-worthy. From custom-branded OREOs to a chilly can of Mountain Dew, folks are definitely getting creative in how to celebrate the TV saga.

Shake Shack is getting in on the action as well, as their original location in Madison Square Park is serving up two different themed items.

Photo courtesy of Shake Shack

Each new menu item, the Dracarys Burger and Dragonglass Shake are meant to evoke key figures in the final season. The Dracarys Burger, for example, is themed after dragons, with a fiery ShackSauce made with Carolina Reapers and chipotle peppers accentuating the flavors of Monterey Jack cheese and bacon. Meanwhile, the Dragonglass Shake combines the refreshing notes of mint chip with shards of shiny black toffee, which represent the mythical obsidian that can slay White Walkers.

Ordering the Game of Thrones items can be tricky, as you have to speak Valyrian to the cashiers to score them. There’s a pronunciation guide below that you’ll want to keep on handy when doing so.

Photo courtesy of Shake Shack

You can find the Dracarys Burger at the Madison Square Park location through April 21st, while the Dragonglass Shake will stay around until May 19th.

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This Marshmallow Factory Wonderland Has A Secret Menu Marshmallow Pancake Stack

When I was a kid, my favorite segment of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was where he would take us inside factories and show us how different foods were made. I could sit in my grandparents’ living room for hours watching how foods like macaroni and fortune cookies were created in bulk.

Working around food all these years later, I’ve had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of many factories and see how different dishes and items come into existence. One of the most memorable experiences in that vein was from Plush Puffs, an artisanal marshmallow shop located in Burbank, CA.

We were treated to essentially an intimate How Stuff Is Made segment from our childhood, the only difference being that we actually got to try marshmallows fresh from the line. Phenomenal, really.

The confection store offers a variety of desserts, beverages, and customizable s’mores bowls that you can build yourself by however your sweet tooth deems fit. It truly was a marshmallow wonderland, with a vast selection of handcrafted marshmallows boasting over a dozen flavors.

Plush Puffs also features a secret menu item that layers golden, fluffy pancakes with toasted, pillowy maple bacon marshmallows. The result is a veritable lasagna of texture and smokiness, drenched in maple syrup.

For breakfast lovers with an affinity for marshmallow and bacon, this was a breakthrough in morning innovation. Make sure to order some hot cocoa when you visit, the pairing of hot chocolate and marshmallows are as iconic as peanut butter and jelly.

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We Discovered Sam’s Club Has A Secret Menu Pizza Pretzel And ICEE Floats

While still finishing up the last few morsels of that massive bucket of ribs from Sam’s Club a few weeks back, we’re also  what other delicious secrets the warehouse is hiding. Turns out we had to look no further than their food court.

For fans of Sam’s Club’s pepperoni pizza and/or their salted pretzels, there’s a secret menu item that combines the best of both menu items.

Called the Pizza Pretzel, Sam’s Club douses one of their pretzels with marinara sauce and tops it with shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

Don’t worry about sounding weird making a custom order, as all you need to say is the item’s name. Similar to In-N-Out Burger, every Sam’s Club employee in the United States is familiar with this secret menu item and will know how to build it when ordered.

Another secret menu item we discovered is the ICEE Float. The refreshing medley that comes from the cold drink is paired with Sam’s soft serve ice cream, creating a unique blend of textures that one can not experience on the regular menu

Guests can get their hands on the Pizza Pretzel for $1.69 and the ICEE Float for 99 cents small and $1.98 large. Not quite sure if I should pair that pretzel with a cup of mustard or ranch dressing, but you can bet I’m excited to find out.

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7 Chick-fil-A Secret Menu Items You Have To Track Down ASAP

Chick-fil-A is one of America’s favorite fast food fried chicken spots right now. With the massive following comes tons of custom order requests. Since the staff is super friendly and willing to do just about anything, it has led to the creation of some pretty dope Chick-fil-A secret menu items.

We’ve curated some of the best from around the Internet that are worth the extra request next time you roll up to the drive-thru window. Some of these are a little more complex or exclusive than others, but you’ll be glad you asked the kitchen to put in the additional effort.

Spicy Fried Chicken Club Sandwich

Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Club usually consists of grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, cheese and bacon. Swap out the grilled chicken breast for a fried one to score this monster of a sandwich.

Hashbrowns On The Whole Breakfast Menu

You can stuff hashbrowns inside of any breakfast item you like, including the breakfast burritos and sandwiches. Get some extra on the side and stack them inside, too. You’ll get even more crunch throughout your whole morning meal.

Fried Chicken, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

There’s a couple of different ways you can approach this. A fried chicken, egg, and cheese bagel is already on the official menu, so you can swap the starch out for a biscuit instead. Feel free to add more meat onto it as well, like we did above (more on that coming up).

Another idea would be to add fried chicken to one of the current biscuits on the menu. We’ll get more into that later, but it’s definitely possible.

Double Decker Any Sandwich

If one piece of chicken (or sausage or whatever other meat is on your sandwich) isn’t enough, just ask the staff to double the meat. It’s a pretty easy way to beef up your meal.

Bacon On The Whole Breakfast Menu

There are some items on the menu that already have bacon on it. For those that don’t, though, you can apparently ask for the strips of crispy pig on there regardless.

Soda, Tea, and Lemonade Floats

Root beer and ice cream is a tried and true combo, and definitely something to ask for when treating yourself at Chick-fil-A. You have to hack this one yourself by getting a soda and ice cream on the side, but it means you can do this with ANY drink on the menu. Lemonade floats, anyone?

Fried Chicken On The Whole Breakfast Menu

Akin to McDonald’s egg hack, but taken to the next level for breakfast. This combined with the bacon hack would also make for the ultimate breakfast biscuit. Fried chicken, sausage, bacon, egg, AND cheese? My mouth is drooling just thinking about it.

For those wondering, there were a few hacks and secret menu orders that we attempted that didn’t work out in real life trial runs at multiple Chick-fil-A locations. Those are as follows:

Double breading: While someone on Reddit alluded to the fact that you can ask for double breading on a piece of fried chicken, the staff declined to do it, saying it wouldn’t cook all the way through.

Cookie Milkshake: A popular Chick-fil-A secret menu item was the Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake, where you took a blueberry cheesecake and blended it into a vanilla shake. The cheesecake has been discontinued, but some mentioned you could do it with a cookie instead. We tried it, and staff members said they were unable to blend anything into shakes anymore. Bummer.

Chicken Quesadilla: This is a secret menu item we’ve seen on multiple websites, but the Chick-fil-A team didn’t have a way to make it on their menu. Taking all of the veggies out of their wrap didn’t result in a quesadilla-like item, either.

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Chick-Fil-A Employee Reveals EPIC Secret Menu Item You Have To Try

Chick-fil-A’s already got a pretty extensive secret menu. Thanks to a current employee, however, we’ve learned some dope additional alterations you can make, including an epic secret menu item that transcends anything we’ve seen from the fried chicken chain to date.

A post shared by Nick Ousley (@nick_o_ousley) on

Reddit user AHerdOfGoats, who identified themself as a cook at a Chick-fil-A, revealed a few tricks of the fried chicken trade when it comes to the what and how of the beloved chain. While some revelations weren’t as surprising (ie. No, Chick-fil-A does not brine their food with pickle juice), the Redditor also unveiled some interesting tidbits.

First off, you can actually ask for your chicken to be double-dipped before it heads to the deep fryer. You’ll get a thicker batter and crunchier texture, but it may cause a tad of a wait for others in line. AHerdOfGoats also mentioned that the exterior is quite bulky as a result, so if you’re a thin batter person, this may not be the upgrade for you.

A level-up that anyone can get behind, however, is the fact that you can ask for a Double-Decker sandwich. That means that for virtually any sandwich, you can ask for double the meat, beefing (or in this case, chickening) up your fast food sandwich game.

People have been creating their own versions of the Double Decker for a while, as seen in the above Twitter and Instagram photos. However, this is the first confirmation we have that Chick-fil-A employees can and will double up your sandwich for you.

Chick-fil-A already stands among the top fast food chicken fryers, but this secret double-decker option may take it all the way up.

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Starbucks’ Pumpkin Caramel Macchiato Is The Seasonal Secret Menu Item You MUST Try

The Pumpkin Caramel Macchiato

With the fall season upon us, you just knew there had to be something special you can do with all the pumpkin they’ve got lying around, and there is.

Meet the Pumpkin Caramel Macchiato.

We’ve probably gone a little wild with the Starbucks secret menu over the last couple of years, making baristas across the country hate us for ordering Pink Drinks, Orange Drinks, and even Apple Pie Frappuccinos, but this one’s not that complicated.

This sweet little drink is basically an Iced Caramel Macchiato, except you just ask them to replace the vanilla pumps with pumpkin syrup.

Trying it for myself, I drove through my local Starbucks, took a shot at it, and tried ordering it straight up with the name “Iced Pumpkin Caramel Macchiato,” but it didn’t work. I then ordered it as an Iced Caramel Macchiato, but replacing the vanilla with pumpkin syrup, and they were happy to oblige. Believe it or not, when I drove up to the window, the barista didn’t hate me for this. In fact, she said: “That sounds reeeeally good! I’m going to try it myself.”

Starbucks Pumpkin Caramel Macchiato

Not only does it sound good, it is good. Just as a disclaimer, I LOVE sweet drinks, and this one had the perfect amount of sweetness—for me. If you’re a black coffee or warm, bitter type of coffee drinker, you’ll hate this.

The drink was brought to light by Cosmo this weekend, and it’s been slowly making its way to the mainstream.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth, or anyone who loves all things pumpkin. I have yet to try it with soy, or almond milk, but I can’t imagine it tasting dramatically different. I also haven’t tried it hot, because I live in California and it’s 90 degrees.

It’s not a super complicated order, so you don’t have to worry about your barista rolling their eyes at you. So order away and enjoy this new little secret during PSL season.