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Berkeley-Based Umaro Foods Transforms Seaweed Into Bacon

Photo: Instagram

It seems the world of alternative protein has no shortage of innovative ways to reproduce our favorite foods. Near the top of many favorite food lists is bacon, a meat so particular in its beloved deliciousness that a comparable alternative has remained ever-elusive. 

Berkeley, California start-up Umaro Foods wants to change that, and they hope to do so using the most unlikely protein — seaweed. They believe that the oceans will be our future source of protein and hope to pave the way.

Umaro Foods’ seaweed-bacon was launched in partnership with San Francisco’s Michelin-starred Sorrel Restaurant, New York City’s Egg Shop and Nashville’s D’Andrews Bakery and Cafe, which also happen to be the only restaurants in the country where you can get the seaweed bacon right now. Each location offers a different experience to enjoy it, from a bacon egg sandwich, classic BLT to even a fine dining twist.

Photo: Instagram

Pioneer at large is founder Beth Zotter. She’s the first to work with concentrated red seaweed protein, bringing out its umami enhancing potential for plant-based meat.

“We’ve nailed crispy bacon,” said Beth Zotter, Umaro’s CEO. “We’ve found a way to use seaweed in a totally new way to improve not just the meat, but also the unmistakable taste and texture of bacon fat.” 

In the near future, Umaro Foods plans to expand beyond the Bay Area to restaurants nationwide.