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There Is One Starbucks Location That Serves Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee

There’s a unique Starbucks location in Seattle, WA — home state of the giant coffee chain — that is offering a unique way to enjoy coffee.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, located on Pike Street, is incorporating the centuries-old craft of barrel aging into some new beverages. The chain’s first whiskey barrel-aged coffee is made with small-lot Sulawesi coffee beans through the utilization of oak barrels. It boasts intense whisky aromas that also feature caramel and mellow oak notes.

For those looking to try new variations of coffee, this sounds like a great change of pace.

The Roastery location also serves a Barrel-Aged Con Crema and a Barrel-Aged Cold Brew.

You can find the Reserve Roastery about nine blocks from the original Starbucks location in Pike Place.

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Taco Truck Opens In The Middle Of Freeway Traffic, Saves The Day

Growing up in Los Angeles, I know the feeling of being stuck in traffic, tired, hungry, and wishing all the cars in front of me would disappear. I’ve been stuck in random road closures before and can feel the pain of the folks in Seattle, WA who had to endure hours of sitting and waiting for the I-5 freeway to clear up after a propane-filled truck tipped over this past Monday.

There is a happy ending to this story, however, as a heroic taco truck opened in the middle of the freeway and started dishing out delicious Mexican food to hungry drivers, according to the Seattle Times.

Tacos El Tajin was in the same boat as everyone, and weren’t going to make it to their lunch stop, so they decided to just open up where they were.

Little by little, other motorists were noticing that people were walking around with boxes of food, and got up themselves to form a line and buy tacos.

If only taco trucks could be around during all times of distress, the world would be a better place.

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The ‘Marshawn Lynch’ Shot Might Be The Most Disgusting Mixture Ever


Marshawn Lynch was known for hitting people in the mouth on the football field, and making them feel his wrath The same could be said for the shot named after him.

The Hey 19 pub in Torrance, California is home to the “Marshawn Lynch Shot,” and our Worst Shots Team is still wondering why the former running back would ever drink it.

Bartender Dennis Martin said the shot came about when a group of his customers went out drinking in Seattle, where Lynch used to play. The party-goers said they spotted Lynch at a bar and tried buying him shots. The story goes that no matter what they tried to buy him, the only thing he wanted to drink was a mixture of Hennessy and Patron.

The two drinks are barely tolerable apart, but mixed together, really make for a bad time.

Our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the shot and it forced Sean to make this face:


“This looks like very, very, healthy piss,” Sean said. While Rudy asked, “Why anyone would ever want to drink this, I don’t understand.”

The craziest thing, is that not a lot of work goes into it. It’s two terrible drinks,  straight out of a Tupac song, mixed together. Simple, yet deadly.

Why Marshawn would like this shot is a mystery, but we have to believe it probably contributed to his retirement last year.

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This Adorable Little Girl Gets The Most Intense Sugar Rush You’ll Ever See

Your heaviest cocaine high, combined with your most intense brain freeze wouldn’t even come close to matching the intensity in this little girl’s eyes after trying her first cotton candy at a ballgame.

If you’ve ever experienced a sugar rush, you might feel a short little burst of energy, but I guarantee it has never hit you this fast, and this hard. The adorable tyke was captured going Super Saiyan at a Seattle Mariners game Wednesday, as a commenter on imgur said they showed her on the Safeco Field Jumbotron several times throughout the game.

From her Hulk Hogan-like fist clenching…

… to her Frank Dux bulging eyes…

… and even the surrounding adults who laughed at her the same way the villagers did at “Crazy old Maurice” in Beauty and the Beast…

…it has all the parts for the cutest freakout you’ll ever see caused by cotton candy.



Seattle’s Famous ‘Gum Wall’ Just Got DESTROYED With A High-Powered Steam Gun [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.17.01 AM

The Market Theater Gum Wall was a touristy, go-to spot in Seattle. Notice the ‘was’ in that sentence, because it was finally taken down with a super powerful steam gun.

The bacteria-filled brick wall had 20-years-worth of gum attached to it, as it was tradition for visitors to attach their own gum to the wall.

Tuesday, the 15-foot high, 50-foot long wall was completely sprayed down with a cleaner than sprays steam up to 200 degrees, and the gum just came right off.

Now fans of sticking gum on giant walls will have to go to Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California.

Check out the hose down below:


That Infamous GUM Wall In Seattle Is Finally Coming Down


One of Seattle’s more unique sights is the infamous wall of gum. The Market Theater Gum Wall, as gross as it may sound, has become a cultural phenomenon throughout the state of Washington. Now, it looks like that wall is coming down.

While not as impactful as the Berlin Wall coming down, losing the Gum Wall is still a pretty big deal. What began as a ’90s habit of sticking gum on the wall of the Pike Place Market quickly turned into a long-standing tradition to locals and tourists alike.

This tradition, however, has left the wall one of the most germ-ridden spots in the world.

Sadly, the Los Angeles Times announced that the wall will be clean in a few days. On Nov. 10, the wall will be steam blasted through Nov. 13. That’s gonna be a lot of gum coming down.

Officials from the market expect, however, that a new wall will soon take its place.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Amazon Has A ONE-HOUR Restaurant Delivery Service, Here’s What We Know


Amazon has spoiled us when it comes to getting online purchases within only a few days, some items even on the same day.  Now, the largest online retailer in the United States will be testing a restaurant delivery system, NRN reports.

Amazon Prime Now members will now have the option of ordering thousands of items with a one hour delivery window. The Prime Now food delivery service is currently only available in Seattle, Amazon’s hometown.

Using the official Prime Now mobile app, customers in the city can order meals from local restaurants like Wild Ginger, Cactus, Skillet and Marination among others. Through the app, users can peruse the menu of the participating restaurants, place an order and pay using their Amazon accounts.

Sounds pretty painless and incredibly convenient, unless you’re our wallets. Amazon’s already dominated easy online shopping, now if we don’t have to go out for food we may never leave our bedrooms.

While the company didn’t say whether they ever plan to expand to cities other than Seattle, GeekWire reports that plans are in the works.



You Have Kenny G to Thank for the Frappuccino

Kenneth Gorelick, more commonly known as Kenny G,  recently sat down for an interview with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox about his new album Brazilian Nights and shined some light on his relationship with Starbucks’ founder Howard Schultz.

Gorelick’s uncle convinced the world-famous saxophonist to invest in Starbucks early on and Schultz’s charm won Gorelick over. The pair ended up having a symbiotic relationship, from the holiday album Miracles being the first CD ever sold in Starbucks to Gorelick’s persistent suggestion that a blended drink should be added to the menu.

Gorelick noticed the popularity of blended espresso drinks at The Coffee Bean and badgered Schultz about diversifying the Starbucks menu constantly. The multi-platinum artist humbly acknowledged that several investors were likely on the same page, but I’ll keep thoroughly believing that anything 1990s Kenny G requested came into existence.

Watch the full interview here.