Starbucks Now Has A Protein-Packed ‘Beast Mode’ Frappuccino

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If Starbucks is going to make a “Beast Mode” anything, it’s only right to bring in Mr. Beast Mode himself, Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch is an NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks who made the term famous with a hilarious interview back in 2007, and has kept the nickname to this day.

With Starbucks being so easily accessible to the Seattle player, he stopped by the headquarters and started mixing up drinks.

He eventually came up with The “Beast Mode Frappuccino,” a double mocha Frap, with mint, cream and protein powder. Topping the drink is whipped cream with a purple berry drizzle and matcha.

“I’d drink this before a game,” Lynch told Starbucks. “You could get your buff on with this.”

With Lynch also being as a huge Skittles fan, the purple and green ingredients might be a bit of a colorful homage to his favorite candy.

The drink will only be available in select Starbucks locations throughout Seattle and Oakland, and will be around until February when the football season ends.

Of course, when a celeb does something like this, a little something has to go to the kids, so with every Beast Mode Frap sold, Starbucks is going to donate $0.24 (No coincidence that 24 is his number) to Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation.

Overall, the drink sounds pretty solid, and like Beast Mode would say, “It don’t get no better than solid.”

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