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Vintage Eggos Spot Turned Into The Epic ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Season 2 Teaser

Last night, during the Super Bowl, we were surprised to find an old Eggos commercial show up during the middle of the Big Game. Seconds later, the vintage scene at the breakfast table cut away and we knew what was about to happen.

It was the Stranger Things season 2 spot.

The hit Netflix series premiere its phenomenal first season on July 15, 2016, and for those of us who binged the whole thing in a day, we were left anxious to see how Eleven and the gang of lovable misfits would carry on into the next season. The Eggos opening is a reference to Eleven who developed quite the addition to the frozen breakfast item during the first season.

Now, like a plate of Eggos straight from the toaster, we had a sweet taste of what’s to come this fall.

Brayden Curtis, the mind behind the Foodbeast Katchup and admirer of meatball subs, had this to say upon viewing:

This will get me through the year.

You and me both, pal.

Check out the mind-blowing teaser for the upcoming season above which will premiere Halloween 2017. As if we needed another reason to love the candy-slingin’ holiday.