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Reebok and ‘Hot Ones’ Collab On Sneaker Capsule Collection

If you’ve never seen First We Feast’s hit interview show, ‘Hot Ones’, it’s the only one that is allowed to literally turn up the heat on guests with “hot questions and even hotter wings.” Translating that energy into literal sneaker heat, the Sean Evans-hosted program has now linked up with Reebok to a capsule collection of three ‘Hot Ones’-themed sneakers.

Featuring exclusive renditions of the Club C “Mild”, Classic Leather “Medium”, and Shaqnosis “Hot” models, each shoe will come with custom Reebok x Hot Ones sneaker packaging with tissue paper designed to be cutout and used as a bib. The collection also will debut exclusive unisex Reebok x Hot Ones t-shirts with crossover graphics, available in black or deep red.

The Reebok x Hot Ones footwear and apparel collection is available globally from beginning November 19.

Besides the sneakers, First We Feast’s merch game has been strong, making for great choices as holiday gifts for the foodie in your life. Think a trio of hot sauces, ‘Hot Ones’ Nugget Honey, and a ‘Truth or Dab’ game.

Peep the following photos for detailed looks of each sneaker in the ‘Hot Ones’ x Reebok capsule collection.

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John Mayer Writes A Song About Eating Hot Wings, While Eating Hot Wings

If you’ve ever had any doubt about John Mayer’s raw talent as a musician, pull yourself together and listen to this instant classic he wrote on a ukelele, while eating some of the spiciest wings in the world.

OK, so maybe the song wasn’t life-changing, but Mayer put his skill on display while on First We Feast’s Hot One’s challenge.

If you’re not familiar with the show, celebrity guests eat 10 hot wings, each with a sauce that’s hotter than the last, while host Sean Evans asks mind-bending questions.

While Mayer did hit a few rough patches, he actually went through all 10 wings. On the 10th wing, Evans handed John a uke, as the two proceeded to jam out together.

Mayer, as he often does, kind of freestyled and put together an easy-on-the-ears tune about he and Evans “eating scarily.”

In the interview, Mayer also shared nuggets about his song writing process, why he loves Air Jordan 5 sneakers, and why he has god-awful facial expressions while bending chords on the guitar.

The interview as a whole was pretty insightful for fans of the guitar god, and he showed that he can push through the pain of dangerously hot wings burning his esophagus.

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Rich Brian Explains His Bromance With Post Malone While Taking Down Hot Wings

Rich Brian, formerly known as Rich Chigga, was recently on First We Feast’s Hot One’s, trying to answer provocative questions while enduring the wrath of 10 different hot wings.

While the heat was on, he addressed his bromance with fellow rapper Post Malone, explaining that sometimes you meet people in real life that are “lame.” But in the case of him meeting Post, they wound up hitting it off. He even shared the time he got a mariachi band to play for Post Malone’s birthday.

“It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever done for anybody,” Brian explained. “I’ve never even done that for a female. It’s kind of hard to top that now.”

As chill as he was, the hot wings definitely turned up the heat, as Brian barely made it through the challenge, with a lot of help from the glasses of chocolate milk by his side.

The whole interview was interesting, as Brian gave tidbits about hanging out with Jaden Smith for a day, explained his affinity with amphibians, and even gave out his mom’s secret recipe.

The man humbly got through the chicken wings and gave us all a good laugh in the process.

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Chris Jericho Talks Wrestling Secrets While Enduring A Hot Wing Challenge [WATCH]

WWE legend Chris Jericho is a larger than life wrestler who has taken on some of the biggest men in the world, but even after taking thousands of body slams and choke holds, the most painful experience of his life might have just occurred during this episode of First We Feast’s Hot Ones Challenge.

The “Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla” said he’s pretty terrible with spicy food, and playfully threatened to fire his agent for putting him a hot wing challenge. He actually cleared the board, though, eating every single wing and giving awesome wrestling insights, including real-life altercations with some big bad wrestlers.

While he got through all 10 wings, with each one hotter than the last he was visibly bothered by the heat, spitting into a trashcan every few minutes. The spitting seemed to be a coping mechanism for the 3-time World Heavyweight champion.

He even managed to put “Da’ Bomb” hot sauce his infamous “List,” which has become part of Jericho’s in-ring character over the last couple of years.

Jericho has always been regarded one of the toughest guys in the business, never backing down from a fight, and never showing fear, so it should come as no surprise that he got through the Hot Ones challenge, even if it was destroying him inside.

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How To Properly Eat Hot Wings According To Wing Expert Sean Evans

There probably isn’t much critical thinking going on in your head when eating chicken wings, but apparently there are many approaches people take, as has been evident on the hit First We Feast Show “Hot Ones.”

For four seasons, Hot Ones host Sean Evans has endured hot wing after hot wing, watching celebrities in front of him try to tackle the fiery food — and has happened to take some notes along the way.

While he has been criticized for his technique, Evans doesn’t think it’s that serious. He is fully aware of the “goofball YouTube tutorials” that tell you to twist off the little bone, then pull out the larger one — which is all good in theory — but a different story when you’re chowing down on some of the hottest wings on Earth, trying not to die.

While observing the different techniques from several guests, such as Key and Peele, and even Gary Vaynerchuk, Evans gave his critiques. He eventually said he’d lean more toward Guy Fieri’s Pick and Pop, and Eric Andre’s “shoot first ask questions later” technique, which you can see below:

So you can try the fancy twisty bone technique while enjoying a regular plate of wings, but if you’re in the trenches and fighting for your life against some really hot chicken, you’re better off doing it like Guy Fieri — as is usually the case with anything.

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Gary Vee’s The First ‘Hot Ones’ Guest To Clean The Bones On The Hot Wings

Chances are, you’ve probably heard the name Gary Vaynerchuk (or Gary Vee) in the interwebs. Maybe someone has tagged you on one of his motivational Instagram posts, or you’ve seen him with your favorite up-and-coming rapper. An entrepreneur who specializes in marketing, Gary wants you to see his face everywhere, and that continues as he burned off that face during First We Feast’s Hot One’s challenge.

Gary Vee probably took on this challenge better than any other celebrity before, and that’s very much what you’d expect from the ultra-competitive social media mogul. The premise of “Hot Ones” is for the guest to eat 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, all while trying to answer host Sean Evans’s probing questions. In this new episode, not only did Vaynerchuk eat every single wing, he wiped the damn bones clean.


A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee) on

Considering most guests take a bite and move on, some even bailing early, like DJ Khaled, it was amazing watching Gary take his time on every wing like he was just hanging out with his buddies watching a Jets game at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Not only did he he crush these wings, but he spoke some of the most motivational words you’ll ever hear on a food show, closing with, “I want you to suffocate your bulls**t excuses, and go do something. Forget about what I’m doing. Go do something, it’s time.”

Mad respect to Gary Vee being gangster on this one.

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These Strange Spicy Food Remedies Can Cool Your Tongue Almost Instantly

When you’re someone who eats spicy food as much as First We Feast’s Sean Evans, you need some serious cures to the heat. Common mouth extinguishers like water, milk, and ice cream work, but the effects only last for so long. Evans is on the hunt for some new relief to help him out on Hot Ones, and he may have found some strange spicy food remedies to cool his tongue almost instantly.

To do this, Evans met up with YouTube channel Vsauce, famous for educational videos on a whole variety of science topics. Host and creator Michael Stevens walks through the science of capsaicin, the compound that provides so much fire, before breaking out his eccentric selection of remedies. Together, Evans and Stevens experiment with gargling olive oil, rum, and lemons to determine if any of them can counteract some intensely spicy dishes.

Afterward, Stevens takes all of his knowledge to create a “secret sundae” that he believes can extinguish the heat of just about anything. It immediately gets put to the ultimate test with The Last Dab, Hot Ones’ signature sauce made with the world’s hottest pepper, Pepper X. Stevens and Sean Evans go in on wings coated with the sauce together before trying out the ice cream concoction, which contains an unexpected and slightly disturbing ingredient.

After watching, you’ll definitely gain some dope knowledge on some new and odd spicy food cures that you may not have had before. However, you may not want to try all of them in public, so definitely consider where you’re at before attempting to cure a massive food heat wave by gurgling a shot of olive oil.

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Watch Dillon Francis Eat Some Of The Hottest Wings On Earth Without Breaking A Sweat

First We Feat’s “Hot One’s Challenge” has built a reputation of destroying celebrities and pushing them to the brink of insanity, simply by feeding them ridiculously spicy chicken wings.

It kind of backfired this time around, though, as Dillon Francis, one of the most popular EDM DJs in the world, took on the challenge without breaking a sweat, and barely seemed bothered by the heat.

The show requires guests to eat 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, and it’s not often they get through them without panic and constant regret of life decisions. However, Francis was as cool as a cucumber, answered all the interview questions, and seemed only occasionally bothered by the fiery heat.

The interview itself was fantastic, as the hilarious DJ shared stories of getting pranked by DJ Snake, Canadian customs believing he had black tar heroin and child porn in his tour bus, and contemplating pulling out his penis while taking photos with fans.

Yeah, it was that kind of interview.

It should be noted that Francis admitted to not eating anything before the challenge, and after the show, with cameras still rolling, Francis was not as chill as he seemed during the interview, exclaiming, “I hate myself. My body is going to be so angry later. I’ve got milk and hot sauce just building inside of me!”


Maybe he didn’t completely flee the wrath of arguably the hottest wing challenge in the world, but he did a damn good job of seeming unbothered for a while, and told hilarious stories in the process.