Scratch-Off Poster Keeps Track Of Every Beer You’ve Ever Tried


Sure, we love drinking beer. However, sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to keep track of all of our favorite brands. The kind folks at Pop Chart Lab created an amazing poster that’ll do just that.

What you do is take a coin and begin scratching off each beer you’ve tried.  Soon, you’ll be able to have an idea what’s left to sample and what’s already been done to death.  There are a total of 99 beers for you to go out and consume.

Imagine it as a boozy to-do list.

The 18” x 24” poster is available through Pop Chart Lab for $35. Because of the scratch-off feature, the poster doesn’t come with a protective paneling.


How To Make Condiments From Scratch

Condiments are the unsung heroes of the food world, and while they’ll never get the recognition they deserve when paired with the usual suspects like burgers, hot dogs, or fries, you really start to notice how dry everything gets once they go missing. There’s nothing worse than a dry sandwich.

To better appreciate how important everyday condiments are, we set out to make our own from scratch.

We attempted the big three: Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard.

Though mustard was definitely the most time-consuming of the three, mayonnaise was probably the trickiest.

Ketchup? Thankfully, the tomato legend was the easiest to make, by far.

Nonetheless, it was definitely a humbling experience making all the sauces we usually take for granted.

In a world without condiments, we’d probably all react like this. Don’t want that at all.


Here’s Why It Took This Guy 6 Months To Make A Sandwich [WATCH]


To the experienced, making a sandwich shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. If your fridge is stocked, all you have to do is grab your ingredients and start building. If you want to make your sandwich from scratch, however, it could take up to six months.

Andy George from the series How To Make Everything wants to make a sandwich. Wanting to see what it takes to craft an entire sandwich with his own hands, he spends six months creating every ingredient from scratch.

This includes growing his own vegetables, harvesting wheat for bread, making salt from seawater, milking a cow to make cheese and even killing a chicken.

The half year experience cost him about $1,500. Definitely pricier than making a sandwich from groceries.

Check out the video below and watch the entire process.