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White Castle Is FINALLY Opening Another Location In The Western US

The eastern part of the United States has an abundance of White Castle locations to visit. Apart from frozen grocery store sliders, however, the western U.S. has to head to Vegas if they want a taste of the OG fast food chain. That’s not the case anymore, though, as it was just announced that a brand new White Castle will be opening up in Arizona.

Scottsdale will be home to this brand new location, according to a press release from the burger chain. It’s going to be the first family-owned spot west of the Mississippi, and the first new one out west that’s not located in Las Vegas, bringing up the total of western White Castle locations to three.

It’ll be a little while until the new White Castle is open, though, as it’s not slated to start slinging sliders until late 2019.

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Pretzel The Size Of A Steering Wheel Is The Carb Load We Deserve

If carbicide is ever the way I go, working my way through a pretzel the size of a car steering wheel is nearing the top of my charts. Which is why a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona would make sense since local beer garden, Brat Haus, is offering such a mammoth snack.

Brat Haus is best known as downtown Scottsdale’s friendly neighborhood watering hole that happens to take pride in the size of their menu items. From cavernous 40-ounce boot-shaped beer steins filled to the brim in local craft beer to massive footlong brats that would make even the most serious of foodies blush, Brat Haus is the type of joint that makes sure you’re leaving stuffed and satisfied. Trust, the giant pretzel is merely the tip of the iceberg. Which is a weird analogy, because you know, Arizona.

And about those suds on tap, they’ve got 28, ranging from local brews to hard-to-find European imports. If you’re not a fan of beer, the “Mega Moscow Mule” with up to 10 shots of vodka should pique your interest.

Scottsdale, you’ve been put on notice: Brat Haus exists in a size matters realm that indulges the inner ‘bigger is better’ voice in all of us.


Arizona Costco Selling $17,000 Bottle of Scotch, About $1000 Per Shot


Ever wish you could finish off your free samples marathon at Costco with a nice glass of fancy schmancy scotch? Yes, of course you have, because nothing goes better with microwaved fish sticks than a glass of ridiculously rare liquor. Luckily, the folks at a Costco in Scottsdale, Arizona know what’s up.

At the moment, the Scottsdale Costco is offering a $17,000 bottle of Macallan, which rounds out to roughly $1000 per shot.

So how do you justify dropping $17,000 on booze at Costco? Remind yourself that it was aged 60 years, that it comes in a slick Lalique crystal container, and that it’s one of just 400 bottles ever produced… ever. Only 72 of those bottles are available in the US, and how one of them managed to land at a Costco is a mystery.

For those looking for a  more cost-efficient option, we’d  recommend the barrel of Jack Daniel’s at Sam’s Club for $9660. Because a barrel of Jack > $1000 shots any day.

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Amy’s Baking Company Kicks Out Another ‘Hater’ Who Found Flies in Her Drink


Despite the moderate success of last week’s “Grand Re-Opening,” Amy’s Baking Company has managed to scare off another batch of “haters.”

This past Friday, a reporter from the Phoenix Business Journal visited the restaurant with a few friends, only to be kicked out by infamous co-owner Samy Bouzaglo. Yikes, is this #9 on ways to ruin your restaurant?

Reporter Hayley Ringle reports that she and her friends “went in with an open mind,” hoping to get a firsthand account of Amy’s Baking Company and its dubious owners. However, after finding fruit flies in not one, but three different cocktails, she and her friends were kicked out of the restaurant by Samy after complaining about their drinks. On the bright side, at least he offered to pay for all of their untouched cocktails before showing them the door.

You can check out pictures of their sad vodka martinis here. Ringle also notes that the staff was “inexperienced” and “slow,” while the restaurant itself was empty. In the end, she and her party ended up at nearby Pita Jungle — a “super busy and very friendly” alternative to those still hungry after being unceremoniously kicked out of Amy’s Baking Company.

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