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The Real Reason We Can Never Really Enjoy Airline Food

No one’s ever super stoked about airline food, as a plate of gelatinous chicken, and soggy veggies don’t usually cause much excitement, but even the best airline food is destined for failure, and there’s not much we can do about it.

Some of the major components that affect our taste buds, are humidity, air pressure, sense of smell, and sense of hearing. When you’re up in the air traveling, all of those factors are affected and ruin our ability to adequately taste food, according to SciShow.

Airline cabins are dry and humid, and have very low pressure, causing something called Xerostomia, AKA cottonmouth. The drying out process going on in your mouth decreases the sensitivity in your your taste buds by 30 percent so whatever you’re consuming during then, is with compromised taste buds.

It also doesn’t help that the environment in an airplane is noisy, and no one enjoys their meals in a noisy room, as is evident when trying to enjoy the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

All this means that when it comes to in-flight food, we’re playing from behind as soon as we hit the air. Our taste buds just won’t let us enjoy the food. Plus, Gordon Ramsay said he’ll never, ever eat airline food, so that alone should be enough reason to distrust it.


Science Explains Why You Are Not 1% Nacho [VIDEO]


Let’s say a 99-lb person downs 1 lb of nachos like a beast. Would that additional weight the nachos provided, combined with the person’s original weight, result in said person being 1 percent nachos? A legitimate question that’s plagued those with the munchies for years has now been answered.

To simplify, you aren’t 1 percent nachos. The human body is packed with bacteria that’s made up of 3 percent body mass. That 3 percent of bacteria will break down the food ingested and expel it in about a day or two. That being said, there will still be some traces of nacho goodness left behind. Disappointing news for those with the firm belief that you are what you eat, but I guess if that were true we’d all be walking pizzas and burgers.

To get the full breakdown, check out the video posted by SciShow below.

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