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Watch How Fish Sticks Are Made, Thousands At A Time

If you’ve ever wondered how the delicious little fish sticks you get at the market keep their consistent shape and immaculate breading, prepare to be blown away.

The Science Channel was all over this on its “How It’s Made” series, as they went inside a frozen fish factory, showing the entire process of fish-based sticks, and breaded fish fillets being made.

It’s pretty insane to see that fish sticks start off as giant frozen blocks of minced cod, and eventually get cut down, seasoned, breaded and packaged into the ready-to-heat appetizers we know and love.

Tilapia fillets don’t come in giant blocks of frozen fish, but they are still frozen. The process is similar to fish sticks, as you can imagine, they both get coated and fried, while keeping their frozen consistency within.

Peep the vid, and get your little mind blown, as you’ll finally know how your favorite frozen fish products are made.


A Fascinating Look At How Airline Food Is Made [WATCH]

There are many thoughts that go through your head when you’re traveling on a plane. How am I gonna kill 11 hours? Does the dude next to me snore? When’s the attendant coming with that drink cart, I need some ginger ale?

Have you ever wondered how the food served on your flight was made, though?

How It’s Made, the popular series from Science Channel, took a look at the process in creating airplane meals. Rather than simply cook different dishes and throw them into containers, many factors must be taken into account when cooking for airlines.

It’s said people’s perceptions of taste change when they’re at a higher altitude and pressure, so foods are seasoned depending on distance of travel. Foods are portioned out and ventilated in order to be re-heated in-flight. Separate meals must also be prepared for the pilot and co-pilot, in case one gets sick the other will not have eaten the same meal.

Definitely something to think about the next time you’re about to grub on your mile-high feast.

Check out the video to get an in-depth look at the fascinating process.

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food

Watch How Pepperoni Is Made

We put it in our pizzas, our sandwiches, and pretty much anything we feel could use a meaty spice to it. As common as this sausage is, have you ever wondered how pepperoni is actually made?

How It’s Made, a series on Science Channel, shows us how simple ground pork is transformed into the flavorful smoked meat used in so much food porn shares.

Check out the video to see the entire process, from pork to packaging of mini pepperonis. If you’re a fan of the How It’s Made series like we are, you’re gonna want to check out their episodes on Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Pretty captivating stuff.

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Sweets Video

Watch How Ketchup Is Made

Until recently, we’ve been using Ketchup cups the wrong way our entire lives. We’ve also discovered nine different ways to elevate the popular condiment using only a few ingredients. Have you ever wondered, as you pound at the bottom of that crimson glass bottle, how the ubiquitous sauce is made?

Science Channel‘s popular series How It’s Made answers that question and gives us a look at the ketchup-creating process. In it, we see the dry components used to make the red tomato-based paste as well as the mixing process with the wet ingredients. Because it’s all in bulk, and not made in a kitchen, the operation is pretty captivating to see.

Everything is then bottled, packaged, and shipped off to stores.

If you love slapping ketchup on food like we do, (scrambled eggs, anyone?) you might get a kick out of seeing how the condiment is mass-produced.

Check out the video.