SNL Partners with It’Sugar, Thus Schweddy Balls Now Exist


Celebrating Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary, the long-running show has partnered with candy chain It’Sugar to create more than 50 fictional snacks and novelty gifts throughout SNL’s history. Yep, Pete’s famous Schweddy Balls and Colon Blow cereal are now real.

Schweddy Balls were made famous years ago on a classic SNL sketch featuring Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy, the creator of the eponymous balls. Colon Blow Cereal was also introduced during SNL’s heyday by the late Phil Hartman, a man who valued a high-fiber diet.

Also among the list are Stefon’s Pop n’ Rock Party Bars and Schmitts Gay Beer. The items will be available at more than 60 of the It’Sugar locations as well as online Sept. 13. Christmas is only a few months away, who wouldn’t love a sack of Schweddy Balls?



AmeriCone Cream and Hairy Garcia are What Happens When a XXX-Company Releases a Line of Ben & Jerry’s Themed Pornos

Well here’s an answer to a question no one was asking, but it’s probably safe to say the makers of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream probably aren’t “screamers.”

Yesterday, Vermont’s Finest filed a lawsuit against Rodax Distributors and Caballero Video for producing a series of porn flicks entitled “Ben & Cherry’s,” featuring such pun-porn-tastic (purntastic?) titles inspired by the line’s most popular flavors as Boston Cream Thigh, Peanut Butter D-Cup, Hairy Garcia, and AmeriCone Cream.

According to the suit, the DVD packages clearly parody the iconic Ben & Jerry’s branding, including blue skies, cows and green grass, and pervert them according to fetish: “Peanut Butter D-Cup for large-breasted women; Chocolate Fudge Babes for African-American women; Hairy Garcia for hirsute women; New York Fat And Chunky for large women; [and] Americone Cream for ‘a delicious mix of hot American gay men.'”

Which, clearly, the pristine and prudent B&J’s company shan’t have anything to do with, lest it tarnish their perfectly PC, perfectly family-friendly image–Schweddy Balls and Karamel Sutra notwithstanding.

Chances are, because the parody is so overt (and because Ben & Jerry’s can), Rodax and Caballero are probably going to lose, requiring them not only to turn over all the profits made from the DVDs but also to have the infringing DVDs and related promotional material destroyed. Which, truth be told, might be a little too bad. After all, the box for Chocolate Fudge Babes promises four discs and 20 hours of footage, which is definitely longer than a normal carton of Ben & Jerry’s would last me.

I’m just saying.


Ben & Jerry’s “Schweddy Balls” Spark Controversy

Ben & Jerry’s newest ice cream flavor might be a little too hot to handle for some supermarkets to carry thanks to pressure from the Mississippi-based organization One Million Moms. The group claims that the name goes too far with its locker room humor and is inappropriate for young children. The organisation has declined to publicly denounce the company’s newest ice cream flavor name to avoid directing additional publicity to the Ice Cream maker.

Despite the outcry, a Ben & Jerry’s spoke person stated that Schweddy Balls is being carried by about the same amount of retailers as any other specialty flavor and that this one is actually outpaced previous flavors in terms of sales.

(via The Huffington Post)


Ben & Jerry’s Release SNL-Inspired Flavor ‘Schweddy Balls’

ben & Jerry's schweddy balls ice creamBen & Jerry’s, who is known for the constant release of new flavors (e.g. Clusterfluff & Bonaroo Buzz), has released a new ice cream based on the infamous Alec Baldwin Saturday Night Live Skit, ‘NPR’s Delicious Dish.’ Now even you can feel, smell and taste Schweddy’s Balls. Although these balls will definitely be colder and less misshapen since hopefully you won’t ‘rest them on a hot stove for too long.’

The flavor features fair trade vanilla ice cream, fudge covered rum balls, milk chocolate malt balls and a hint of rum. Schweddy Balls is available nationwide at all of Ben & Jerry’s Scoop shops and at grocery stores while supplies last.