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Gordon Ramsay Shares His Top Recipes For A ‘Better School Lunch’

We all know how “yummy” and “nutritious” our school lunches can really be in the United States. Considering they’re not poised to get better anytime soon, it’s becoming more important to have a handful of lunch recipes in your arsenal for school.

Enter celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to get you sorted there. Whether you’re making lunch for your kids to take to school, making a lunch for yourself to eat while in class, or just looking for a fun and new way to enjoy some nostalgic lunch recipes, Chef Ramsay has got the recipes you’re looking for.

Ramsay uploaded a video to his Youtube channel recently which displays four recipes of simple but tasty school lunch items that you can make at home. His choices include:

Baked Beans with Potato Cakes

Fish Fingers with a Chip Butty (basically a French fry sandwich)

Scotch Eggs

Malted Chocolate Doughnuts for dessert.

They’re likely not the healthiest recipes, but they are all definitely much better for you and tastier than the lunch you’ll typically find in a school cafeteria.

I’ve made the Fish Fingers that were featured in the above recipes before, so I can personally vouch for these recipes being simple, effective, and scrumptious. If you’re desiring some new lunch recipes, definitely give these a go.