These Earrings Could Make Your Lobes Smell Like Corn Dogs


Remember those buttery waffle and cinnamon roll necklaces that smell like the real deal? It turns out the jewelry company Tiny Hands also makes other charming accessories you’ve gotta have. More specifically, they sell corn dog earrings and pumpkin pie rings. Real life.

Just like their delicious-smelling counterparts, these pieces also feature accurate food scents. This means your lobes could smell like corn dogs, snow cones, heck — even sugar glazed donuts! As for the Tiny Hands ring offerings, there are plenty of options, from cherry chocolate truffles to mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.




scented waffle-ring


Although these cute niblets look and smell yummy, remember: they’re unfortunately inedible.

Tiny Hands Scented Rings and Earrings, $23-$45 @Tiny Hands

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Yes and Yes: Scented Necklaces Smell Like Buttery Waffles and Donuts

Food-Scented Necklace

Fashion trends may come and go, but we’ve come across one that’s (hopefully) here to stay — food-scented necklaces by Tiny Hands.

These charming pendants come in a wide variety of pint-sized treats, like ice cream cones, churros, shortcakes, cookies and pie slices, all of which look pretty comparable to the real deal. Even better? Each necklace smells like it’s supposed to! That means sporting one of these pieces could result in beautiful scents of buttery pancakes, cinnamon rolls or even s’mores wafting past your nose all day. Yes and yes.

Food-Scented Necklace Food-Scented Necklace Food-Scented Necklace

Food-Scented Necklace Food-Scented Necklace Food-Scented Necklace Food-Scented Necklace

Staying trendy and smelling delicious? Now that’s a win-win.

Food Necklaces, $21-$38 @Tiny Hands

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Scented Purse Makes Your Change Smell Like Bubblegum

Are you in the market to purchase a new coin purse? Or maybe just sniff one? Well, today’s your lucky day, because we’ve come across the Bubblegum Scent Coin Purse.

This handy penny-holder smells like yummy bubblegum. Why? We say why not! It’s about time the coin purse game  amped up a bit, and this version even comes in a variety of great colors — blue, light pink, purple, darker pink, orange and yellow.

We know, swag.

Bubblegum Scent Coin Purse, $6 @NeatoShop

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Lipton Iced Tea Scented Pens, Because Sharpies Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It


Some smells just make you feel good. Freshly baked cookies, cooking garlic, that one dish your mom used to make. For me, popping open a can of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea instantly reminds me of grandma, so while I’d hate to see her lovingly-stern face show up anywhere near my college classroom, thinking about lemon tea and extra cash would probably make those Powerpoints go by faster.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Sarasa Clip pens, Japanese stationary company Zebra has partnered with Lipton tea to create this line of tea-scented ball point pens. Available individually or in packs of five, each of the 10 pens in the line represents a different Japanese Lipton tea flavor, including Black, Grape, Vanilla Au Lait, Muscat, Lemon, Milk Tea, Peach, Valencia Orange, Apple, and Caramel au Lait, according to Rocket News.

We’ve long graduated from sniffing Sharpies or those weird scented highlighters. It’s high-time we started daydreaming in style. Iced tea pens = classy AF.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Tea-Scented Toilet Paper Ain’t Your Average Cup of Tea

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.04.07 PM

So, apparently, Japan is, like, all about the bathroom comfort. Understandable, really. Did you know the average person can spend up to three years of their lives on the toilet? That’s a lot of time to feel uncomfortable/bored/smelly. So, Japan is just way ahead of the game, with their heated seats and washlets. And while they may not be the first to think up scented toilet paper, tea-scented toilet paper is probably a pretty niche thing. It inspires thoughts of brewing sodden lumps of TeaP(aper) in the toilet. The whole thing is just screaming for puns.

The point is this: Starting April 1, two different tea-scented TPs by Nisshinbo Paper Products will hit the shelves in Japan — pink for Southern Countries Tea Time, blue for English Tea Time. Now you’ll be able to chill on the toilet and contemplate brewing tea while doing your business. Because who doesn’t want that?

Although, after a quick internet sweep for these fragrant tissues, we weren’t able to find any official deets in terms of pricing/online purchasing. So while the validity of the product remains questionable, we’re crossing our fingers that thousands will be enjoying impromptu tea seshes on the loo come April.

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