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Street Taco Toilet Spray Exists And It SOLD OUT Fast

A couple years back, toilet spray company Poo-Pourri announced an April Fool’s scent called Street Tacos. An innocent jest that had no foothold in reality — or so it seems. Turns out fan reactions to that announcement were so strong, however, that it left the company reconsidering their prank.

Fast forward two years later, Poo-Pourri’s launched their Street Tacos scent as a real-life flavor that fans could actually purchase.

Released on April 1, which happened to infamously fall on April Fool’s Day, the scent sold out in two hours. Fans who remembered the April prank were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the novelty scent.

The scent profile boasts a citrus zest that’s paired with notes of savory taco seasoning, onion, garlic, and black pepper.

Managing to grab a bottle, we can honestly say that the spray definitely has aromatic notes.

No word yet on whether Poo-Pourri plans on re-releasing the Street Taco scent again in the near future. A comment from a Poo-Pourri spokesperson, however, mentions that the limited-edition scent exceeded expectations.

“We never say never here at Poo-Pourri!”

I’d say the chances of us seeing this for sale again in the near future are pretty good.


New App Tags Your Photos with ‘Zesty’ and ‘Caramel’ Aromas You Can Smell


It’s mouth-watering enough to see a picture of someone’s delicious meal, but now you can take that experience even further, with a new device called an oPhone. Really.

Created by a Harvard alum, it uses a mobile application called oSnap, which allows you to take photos, then tag each image with terms like “zesty,” “jasmine,” or “caramel” to convey the particular scent of your experience.

Then, the message is sent to the oPhone “dock” which reads the aroma signals you’ve sent it via the app, and reproduces them in smellable form.

The tech is still in crowdfunding stages so it won’t be available for personal purchase until next year.  However, there are still public oPhone hot spots where you can test the device out for yourself.

So what do you think? Cool new technology worth paying attention to, or just the latest fad?

H/T First We Feast


Better Than Pumpkin: Candle Smells Like Butter-Basted Turkey and Stuffing


That magical day of the year – when your sole  purpose is to wake up and eat an obscene amount of home-cooked food loaded with butter and love, and perhaps ponder your thankfulness for a minute or two amidst the food bingefest. Yes, I am talking about Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re the one waking up at 5 am to put the turkey in the oven), Thanksgiving only comes around once a year. Luckily, the latest offering by candle company Yankee Candle may quell your Thanksgiving blues by capturing all the smells and delights of Thanksgiving into a candle. Described as “plump, butter-basted turkey and savory stuffing filled with celery, carrots and herbs,” the candle will hold you over until you can once again sink your teeth in roasted turkey and mashed potatoes.

Love the idea or hate the idea, at least there are now autumnal alternatives to things that smell like pumpkins or brown sugar. Now, if there were a way to bottle all the courses served in a Thanksgiving feast into a single candle such that it emanated the scents of the different courses at different times, that would be genius.

Turkey and Stuffing Candle, $18 @Yankee Candle


Japan Invents ‘Smell-o-Vision’ for Smartphones, Cartridges That Emit Mouthwatering Scents


Meat’s expensive. Sure, you probably could have funneled your monthly data plan money into more than a couple cuts of steak, but then how would you use this crazy scented smartphone app?

It’s called Scentee, and it was designed to help poor college students and dieters cut back on calories and save money by tricking them with smell. Just plug in the Square-esque scent cartridge into your smartphone, load the photo app, and cozy up to a nice bowl of delicious (and cheap) rice or bread or salad. It’ll be just like having your favorite foods right there in front of you. Except, you know, not.

Rocket News reports the cartridges come in a wide range of frustratingly mouth-watering scents including apple, coffee, cinnamon roll, and, starting in mid-November: meat – namely, short ribs and beef tongue. So the next time you turn down an invitation to All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ, you can at least take comfort in having your room (and we’re assuming your clothes) smell just like it.

Check out the new Hana Yakiniku (“Nose Grill Meat”) Scentee in action in the video below.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Piss Off Hungry Friends and Family with This Scent-Embedding Food Photo Printer

One of the loudest complaints I hear about Instagram is its ability to remind you of just how bad your own lunch sucks. Oh, you’re all out eating at the new super-cool gourmet gastropub trying out their chipotle drenched curly fries, are you? Gee, thanks for the invite, f*ckers! Now, imagine for a second if those pictures not only looked unbearably, infuriatingly delicious, but smelled like it too?

Flip. The F*cking. Table.

Born from a desire to allow people to “capture the fragrances of food when dining overseas and send it to friends back home,” this “Food Printer” prototype is a combination camera, printer and “smell extractor.” It works by simultaneously photographing, analyzing and simulating your foods’ smell via the different aroma inks stored in the machine.

No word on how good or true-to-life these replications would be, but the student-done design was good enough to have won Sony’s “most-fun” award at its sixth annual Student Design Workshop. One early image shows a man blissfully experiencing photographed plates of salad through both his eyes and his nose.

And just think of how brilliantly capitalistic it would be to have restaurants or chefs make scented business cards with this bad boy. I’m sorry, were you saying something? For some reason, I’m now strangely overcome with the desire for deep fried chicken katsu and gravy fries. And yes, I’d love you to cater my wedding.

Unfortunately, Sony currently has no plans to mass produce the “Food Printer,” but according to Cai Lelei, senior manager with Sony China’s PR department, they are “considering taking some of the designs to the market.”

So what do you guys think? Could scented food prints be food porn’s saving grace?

[Via Design Taxi, China Daily]


Dunkin’ Donuts Uses ‘Flavor Radio’ to Turn Korean Bus Riders into Pavlovian Pooches

Hear jingle, smell coffee, buy Dunkin’ Donuts. Repeat ad infinitum.

That’s the basic premise behind an ad campaign tested on public buses in Korea earlier this year. Using sound-sensing scent sprayers, Dunkin’ Donuts’ “Flavor Radio” would unleash the smell of coffee on unsuspecting commuters after hearing the chain’s ad and jingle. Played right before a stop with a Dunkin’ Donuts location, the ad sent listeners off with the following dialogue (in Korean):

Woman: I got coffee for you, too, honey!
Man: Wow! Where did you get this? It smells delicious!
Woman: At the Dunkin’ right here!
Announcer: Dunkin’s coffee is waiting for you right at your stop.

Cue the jingle, the subsequent scent-fest and more than a few surprised sleepyheads eager to quench their thirst right at the next stop. Despite the arguably invasive technique, such visceral approaches apparently really work, with visitors at stores on routes with the scent dispensers increasing by 16% and coffee sales at those locations increasing by 29%.

Unfortunately, there have been no plans announced to bring such subliminal psych-olfactory public transportation trickery over to the States, but if that changes, we’re all ears. Or noses. Whatever.

Here’s a video explaining the process:

[Via The Atlantic]