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Supermarket Shopper Becomes Possessed And Freaks The F*** Out [WATCH]

If you’ve ever seen The Exorcist, then you’ll be able to recognize the chilling side effects of a demonic possession. Whether or not you believe in them is solely up to you, but the following video certainly might change your mind.

The video, taken from a CCTV camera inside of the supermarket, depicts the woman picking up a product that mysteriously falls from the shelf. After touching it, the woman suddenly begins to seize up. A local bystander sees the whole thing unfolding and begins to approach the woman, until she jerks her head back and unleashes a flurry of blood-curdling screams, scaring the female bystander shitless.

Later on in the video, there are several other instances of items randomly swinging around or falling off of the shelf. In the last ten seconds, we see an item fall from the shelf with no one else around. While faking something like that could probably be pretty easy (fishing line and tape, some sort of timed activator, etc.), the overall reactions from all the bystanders makes it hard for me to believe that it’s fake. What do you think?

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Morbidly Serve Soy Sauce In This Skull Soy Dish Set


E-commerce website Foodiggity is selling this Skull Soy Dish set!

It comes with a set of bamboo chopsticks. Not into soy sauce? It works for oil and vinegar too! Hell, I bet it works for pretty much any liquid. No — ALL LIQUIDS! The sky’s the limit!!!




Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things | Foodiggity


This Old Skittles Halloween Commercial Is Actually Pretty Chilling [WATCH]

Skittles Halloween 2014

Halloween is quickly approaching and we’re all geared and ready to get our candy on. Before we gorge ourselves on an endless river of sweets, let’s take a moment to remember the spookiness of the holiday. This is a Skittles Halloween commercial that surfaced from 2014 and it’s actually pretty terrifying.

It begins innocent enough with two kids divvying up their Halloween haul. We won’t spoil anything else, but watch it for yourself.


R.L. Stine Tweets Terrifying Short Story About a Sandwich


Growing up, the newest Goosebumps book couldn’t arrive soon enough. There was nothing better than reading through a spooky tale when we should have been learning fractions. We’d breeze through each horror story by author R.L. Stine like we’d breeze through a Double Double, which if you count all the books he’s written you’d know we’re not in the best of health.

The infamous author took to Twitter this week declaring that he would write a live story through the social network. As promised, the tweets began, each more chilling than the last. What finally came of them was an entirely new short story by the author about a sandwich of all things.

Pretty spooky though.




We All Scream: New Ice Cream Commercial is The Creepiest Thing This Week


Two years ago, we discovered the world’s most bizarre ice cream brand and commercial: Little Baby’s in Philadelphia. In that spot, a woman (man?) made of ice cream proceeded to eat ice cream straight from her own head. It was all very uncanny and mildly cannibalistic.

Now, Little Baby’s is back with the dairy-fueled scares, this time playing on the pun of ice cream vs. eye scream. The creepy deep-voiced narrator reprises his role, this time twisting the old rhyme of “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” into something utterly nightmare-inducing, atop triply images of people whose eyes have been replaced with gaping, screaming mouths.

In all, not nearly as frightening as the ice cream person. But still, a nice way to start your weekly dose of WTF.

H/T Grubstreet


5 Reasons Being a Turkey for Halloween May Be More Terrifying Than You Realize

1. [Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask]: You could be wandering the kitchen one day just minding your own business when a freak accident finds you up the butt of one tragically raw birdie. You try to call for help but no one can understand your muffled cries. In your anger and anguish you blindly reach for a knife, cut out two eye holes and start chopping everyone nearby to pieces, taking revenge for the spirit of the turkey who now owns your soul.

2. [Gobbler the Turkey Adult]: In a bizarre turn of events, however, even after you’ve killed everybody, you could somehow wind up meeting the sole super-powered crime-fighting chef with enough strength to defeat you. He tosses you in the oven and single-handedly creates enough meat to feed a whole country.

3. [“Gourmet” Turkey Costume]: But your nightmare’s not over yet. No, while eating you, the five people you left living on earth discover you were holding a baby turkey inside! (Yes I know turkeys lay eggs, but come on – this is a story about a giant possessed serial killer turkey mask. Work with me.) Desperate and hungry, they extract the baby turkey and decide to make a “gourmet” turkey dinner with your child.

4. [Pilgrim Turkey Deluxe]: And then they decide to find your head, dress it in a pilgrim’s costume and take photos with it.

5. [Roast Turkey Baby]: But not before finishing the rest of you, getting hungry again and finally deciding to turn on their own children and dressing them up in turkey costumes to continue the tradition. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.


Take a Look at These Frighteningly Realistic Versions of Kid’s Cereal Mascots

In case you needed another excuse for not eating breakfast, artist Guillermo Fajardo’s new series of “Breakfast Time” digital paintings may have you never wanting to open your kitchen cabinets again.


Forget Ice Cream, This Video Might Be the Scariest Advertisement Ever, Period

If this is some kind of new, even more twisted dead baby joke, I’m not laughing.

Coming from Philadelphia ice cream company “Little Baby’s,” this minute long-ad features a woman who seems to really love ice cream, but is also, incidentally, made out of ice cream.

See (or spare yourself and don’t see) how well that predicament works out for her, here (but don’t say I didn’t warn you):

I’m not sure which is more stomach-churning: the amount of times the narrator says “eat little babies…”; the fact that the girl’s eating out of her own head; or that she’s smiling (smiling!) while doing it.

Nope, it’s the smile, definitely the smile—makes you want to kind of curl up under a blanket or something. Or cry.

At this point, I would say go to a happy place filled with rainbows and ice cream, but this video pretty much shot that baby in the face.

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

[Via Gawker]