Watch Justin Timberlake Play A Washed-Up LIME In This Hilarious Tequila Ad


Justin Timberlake has always been a pretty solid actor. A rare selection of musicians can gracefully transition into acting with such ease, but the 34-year-old artist has time again proven his acting chops. Timberlake has since invested in tequila company Sauza 901.

Because of this, he inconspicuously appeared in an ad for the Sauza. The premise is similar to a “Where They Are Now?” documentary, featuring humanoid limes.

Check out the three-minute tequila ad chronicling the rise and fall of Timberlake’s anthropomorphic fruit.

Fast Food

Chipotle Introduces Handmade Patron Margaritas Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo


Looks like Chipotle appreciates genuine margaritas just as much as the rest of us — at least enough to completely revamp the Chipotle margarita experience just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Chipotle has actually served margaritas since they opened their first store in 1993, but the drinks were made from a mix and “weren’t as delicious as they could be,” according to Chipotle’s chief marketing officer. Customers looking to try Chipotle’s heightened alcohol experience will be able to choose between either Patron or Sauza tequila, and every single margarita will be made by hand with a mixture of lemon juice, lime juice, and organic agave nectar. The new margaritas will hit 900 Chipotle stores on April 29th, and will cost anywhere between $6.50 and $8, depending on the location and whether Patron or Sauza is your tequila of choice.

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