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Wienerschnitzel Adds Massive Gourmet Sausages For Oktoberfest

October is only weeks away and Wienerschnitzel has already begun celebrating. The fast food chain that specializes in hot dogs has launched a line of massive gourmet sausages for customers to sink their teeth into in celebration of the German holiday.

Brand Eating reports that two new sausages hit the menu this fall: a quarter-pound gourmet bratwurst and Italian sausage

The bratwurst is topped with grilled onions and mustard and is squeezed into a brat bun. Topped with peppers, onions, and mustard, the Italian sausage is served on a brat bun as well.

Both look insanely juicy.

Patrons can find the two new Oktoberfest items at participating Wienerschnitzel locations for a limited time through Oct. 29. While you’re there, a chili dog or two wouldn’t hurt either.

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Firefighters Rescue Piglets From Barn Fire, Only To Have Them For Dinner Later

Do you smell that? Yep, that’s the savory aroma of irony being cooked over an open fire.

BBC News in the UK reports that firefighters in Wiltshire, England saved two sows and a litter of 18 piglets from a barn fire caused by an electrical issue. How exactly do you show gratitude to the people who saved your livestock? Well, serve it back to them of course!

Six months after the incident, Rachel Rivers, manager of the Milton Libourne farm showed her thanks by not sending those little piggies to the market, but instead sending them to the men of Pewsey Fire Station — in sausage form, of course.

Photo By: Pewsy Fire Station Facebook Page

The firefighters posted a picture of the sausages being barbecued on their Facebook page, which subsequently received some backlash from the community. They have since removed the photo.

PETA caught wind of the incident and spokeswoman, Mimi Bekhechi was quoted saying “We’ll be sending them packages of vegan sausages so that they can see how easy it is to truly be heroes for pigs – by sparing them all suffering.”

Not that it really matters or anything, but the firefighters said that “the sausages were fantastic.”

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Epic Meal Time Releases “Sausage Fest” Video

Since there’s only a few weeks of the summer BBQ season left, it’s definitely time to get more creative than hamburgers and hotdogs. If you’re running out of ideas and have a crippling love for fatty foods, have no fear EMT will save you! Watch the guys at Epic Meal Time, stuff over the top sausages with everything from the staple ingredient, BACON STRIPS! to Big Macs, pizza, and mac & cheese.


Hot Dog Leash

Is your dog as trendsetting, hipster and foodielicious as you? If he or she is, you might need to come up on this Hot Dog Leash. It’s a dog leash shaped like a string of sausages, capped with a comfortable foam grip and threaded with a strong nylon rope. The leash measures 40″ in length and ends with a convenient snap hook clip. I guess if you are super trendsetting, you can hook this up to your kid. If you’re a parent who rolls like that. We’re not judging. Seriously. ($9.95 @ NeatoShop)


Dunkin’ Donuts: Sausage Pancake Bites

Sausages and pancakes unite this fall season at Dunkin’ Donuts locations across the land. The chain is serving up new oven-toasted Sausage Pancake Bites. These mini pop-able sausage links are wrapped in a maple-flavored pancake and being advertised in groups of three for $1.59, and at certain locations with 6 pieces for $3.00.