Comedy Group Finds An Old Painting Of A Sausage Festival And Voiced Over It With Hilarious Results


A member of the Alf Pacino improv crew posted a video on Reddit after the group found an old painting of a sausage festival. The work of art features a town of people gathered around as a giant piece of sausage is being paraded by for everyone to see.

Here’s their description:

We found an old illustration of a literal Sausage Festival. It was confusing, so we gave it voices.

The group brilliantly uses the canvas to tell a hilarious narrative of the events taking place in the town square.

This Sausage Festival illustration features dozen of characters who each get their story to tell in the 6 minute video.

Make sure to watch it through until the very end.


Pandagrub: Bunch O' Weiners

My friend Clayton .aka. PartyWithPanda (@Partywithpanda) is the go to guy you want at a party. He holds incredible abilities to get anyone to party through the power of his camera lens. He also shoots everything he eats, which is why I’m going to be putting a ton of his stuff up on the site. Here are a bunch of weiners just chillin. Sausage fest, no pun intended, no homo.