Saudi Arabian Pizza Hut In Trouble After Advert Mocked Stuttering

Saudi Arabia’s Pizza Hut has issued an official apology after they published an insensitive advertisement on their Twitter on International Stammering Awareness Day.

According to an article by BBC, the advertisement used the hashtag #Global_Day_Of_Stammering, right before stating an offer for pizza in a sentence that used repeated letters and syllables to mimic a speech impediment.

The advert caused an immediate uproar among the Arab community, and some even threatened to boycott the pizza chain.



Pizza Hut’s original tweet was quickly deleted, but not before Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Trade and Investment posted a screenshot of the ad, promising that “necessary measures” would be taken against the company.

An official apology was made by Pizza Hut, stating that the offending advertisement was an  “irresponsible tweet against a section of society we hold dear,” and that they would work harder to support those who stammer.


Saudi Arabi Seizes 48,000 Cans Of Beer Disguised As BEBSI COLA


There’s a pretty firm law in Saudi Arabia that completely bans alcohol. Even though the law forbids it, there are a fair amount of folks who still find a way to get their hands on some booze. One guy in particular had a pretty creative plan to sneak some beers across the border.

According to the Washington Post, the smuggler was caught with 48,000 cans of Heineken disguised as Pepsi. The cans were carried in a truck which was stopped for a standard starch and inspection. It quickly became obvious that there were simply stickers over the beers.

This incident was one of the many attempts at smuggling beer into the country, according to customs officers. The penalty for smuggling alcohol can be as severe as a prison sentence.