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Chick-fil-A Sauce Bottles Coming To Grocery Stores

Photo courtesy of Chick-fil-A and Shutterstock

There have been so many times I would find myself in a Chick-fil-A to stock up on the essential dipping sauces they carry. Yup, I would slap Chick-fil-A sauce on pretty much everything in my 20’s including pizza, tacos, and hundreds of turkey sandwiches. 

Looks like I will no longer need an excuse to order that sweet tea and ask for a handful of Chick-fil-A and Polynesian sauces to pair it with any longer. 

The restaurant folks nationwide crave most on Sundays has announced they’ll be bottling two of their most popular sauces and selling them in stores. 

In mid-November, customers can find the sauces in 16-ounce bottles in participating retailers such as Publix, Kroger, Walmart, and Winn-Dixie in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi. The sauces will become widely available to those retailer chains nationwide in early 2021. 

Now I’ll only have to bear the massive drive-thru line if I want a sandwich or their mac and cheese. Man, that mac and cheese is bomb.

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Everything Costs $3 At This Brandless Online Grocery Store

Ever notice the huge mark up of prices between popular name-brand groceries compared to the generic store-brand ones? We’ll stick to Hydrox, thanks. If you’re not one to care about the most popular brands and everything essentially tastes the same to you, you might want to check out Brandless.

Brandless is an online grocery store that sells non perishable foods like coffee, dressings, peanut butter, snacks, sauces, and candies but without any sort of brand name tied to them. Essentially, peanut butter is just labeled as peanut butter and costs you $3.

In fact, everything sold in the store costs $3, reports TechCrunch.

Other than food, Brandless also sells things like kitchen utensils, personal care products, cleaning supplies, and office supplies. The store boasts hundreds of brand-free items customers can get for cheap.

Kinda awesome that one single place exists that you can get so many household items and foods for just $3.


D.I.Y. Sriracha – So You Don’t Starve to Death

Picture this: You, stranded, on a desert island with nothing but two pounds of peppers, some vinegar, a spice rack, and a bunch of day-old leftovers that would really taste better with Sriracha. Don’t worry about how all of that got there – worry about how there is not one iconic red-and-green bottle in sight. You don’t even have a to-go packet to rely on. What are you going to do? Eat leftovers without the beloved chili sauce? Why don’t you just save yourself the trouble and starve to death?


Or, you can hope that the desert-island gods have smiled upon you and left you with this beautiful step-by-step visual guide to making your own Sriracha.

Sure, it takes a week to make, but the hardest part of this recipe is waiting that week for this amazingly rich life-blood of the 21st century to develop into spicy, garlicky perfection. And isn’t that worth it? Once it’s done, it’ll keep in your fridge for up to six months, for you to whip out during house parties and say, “Behold! Look what I have created, ye plebs!” Think about it: a little elbow grease for a sauce so badass that the recipe politely requests you wear gloves while handling the main ingredients. I rest my case.

Via Instructables


Jackson Pollock Inspired Confetti Corn


Sweet corn is a great summer food, Justeatfood shows us that we all can have a little Jackson Pollock skills in our cooking just by having fun. Take some cooked corn and cover it in greek yogurt, then roll it in some red onions and then spray some hot sauce all over it and finally top it off with salt and pepper. This looks so good, I think I’ll make it next week when I have time to cook again!