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Not Surprising: Burger King Kills ‘Satisfries’ Because No One Wanted Them


If the overwhelmingly positive response to the return of Burger King’s Chicken Fries is any indication, their healthier alternative Satisfries were always doomed to fail.

First introduced almost a year ago, the reduced calorie and reduced fat crinkle cuts were designed to absorb less oil than their non-“Satis” counterparts. According to Business Week, franchisees were given the option earlier this week to keep Satisfries on the menu or drop them entirely. About 2/3 of the chain’s 7,370 North American locations opted for the latter.

Universally considered “mediocre” and just “crinkle cut fries with clever marketing,” Satisfries’ demise will probably pass without too many tears from Burger King fans. Besides, the King has already graced us with a suitable replacement. Long live Chicken Fries!



WTFF: Burger King Giving Away Free SatisFries This Weekend



WHO: Burger King
WHAT: Presumably, because nobody wants them, Burger King is giving away from value-sized orders of cardboard their new reduced fat, reduced calorie, crinkle-cut “Satisfries.” One order per person.
WHERE: All participating locations while supplies last.
WHEN: Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13.


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Burger King Trolls and Changes Name to ‘Fries King’


Burger King’s little publicity stunt this week has sent the internet into a state of tears, disbelief and utter confusion. After rolling out their new reduced-fat, reduced-calories “Satisfries” back in September and planting giant “Wi-Fries” throughout city streets, the fast food chain made the next push to fully re-brand themselves.

Taking to their social feeds, the company trolled Twitter and Facebook fans worldwide, announcing their name change from “Burger King” to “Fries King.” Unsurprisingly, many fans of the “former” burger joint were appalled:

While others were simply tickled.

Of course, the obligatory threat of friendly arson was made.

While it’s quite clear Burger King’s PR move is all tongue-in-cheek, that hasn’t stopped them from revamping their website’s logo, actual signboards, product packaging and employee uniforms with “Fries King.” The company stated in a release on Thursday that select locations in Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami will operate under “Fries King” for a limited time.

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WTFF: Burger King Plants Giant Fries and Free ‘Wi-Fry’ to Promote New ‘SatisFries’


What do Cloudy-with-a-Chance-of-Meatballs-sized french fries and free internets have to do with healthier eating? Probably nothing, but don’t they look cool?

According to Design Taxi, Burger King recently launched this clever campaign planting eight-foot long crinkle fries all over New York, L.A., and Chicago in order to promote its new, reduced-fat SatisFries. Presumably because no one really wants healthier french fries, the project — dubbed “#WTFF” for “What the French Fry” — gave passersby access to free wi-fi and the chance to take home their very own giant fake frite.


Check out the #WTFF tumblr page to see the oversized potatoes in all kinds of weird situations, including sitting on the subway and sticking out the back of a Prius. Sure, it’s no Baguette-me-not, but we figure it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to twerk on one.


H/T + PicThx Design Taxi

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Burger King Launches Reduced-Fat, Reduced-Calorie French Fries


In an attempt to offer patrons their own version of “guilt-free” snacking, Burger King is introducing Satisfries to the menu. The new item features crinkle-cut fries with “40% less fat than McDonald’s French Fries” (11.2 g vs. 6.3 g per 70 g serving) and “30% fewer calories than McDonald’s French Fries” ( 226.8 calories vs. 150.5 calories per 70 g serving).

Burger King assures that Satisfries is still made with “real whole potatoes.” Apparently, the fries are made using a special recipe that enables them to absorb just enough oil to keep their outside crispy, but still less oil than usual.

While Burger King’s reduced-fat and reduced-calorie fries are an interesting addition for a fast food chain, I’m still a bit wary. I like my fries laden in all that bad-for-you excess, they are fries after all. Still, for those of you willing to give these a go, Satisfries will be available at every Burger King nationwide starting September 24. You can swoop up a value size for $1.29, a small for $1.89, a medium for $2.09  and a large for $2.29, with prices varying depending on location.