So Apparently Bananas Are as Bad for You as Cookies and French Fries? [INFOGRAPHIC]


I give up. Eating healthy is hard enough, but now you’re telling me the few healthy things I do like aren’t that good for me anyway?

An infographic put out by San Francisco-based health company Massive Health purports that, based on the level of satiety (or fullness after eating), bananas are only as good a choice as cookies and french fries. In other words, if you’re trying to lose weight by eating less, you might as well pull up to a McDonald’s and order yourself a batch of the gold and crispies since that anemic crescent thing just ain’t gonna cut it.

The science, conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney, has got to do with the banana’s satiety and glycemic indexes. Basically eating a banana won’t keep you full very long and will probably cause your body to want to eat more later. It’s also sure to give you a sugar crash once you’re done digesting, especially if eaten on its own, instead of as part of a larger meal or snack.

The chart suggests switching out bananas with foods higher up on the satiety scale, like grapes or apples or oranges, in order to cut down on hunger and the potential for binge eating – though it doesn’t go into too much detail on all the reasons bananas are still better for you than cookies, except to say they’re more nutritious. (Thanks science, I was confused for a second there.)

Still, it’s probably best you not trade out your post-workout ‘nanner for a good old chocolate chip, but at least you can pretend bananas are junk food now. That’s always fun.

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H/T + PicThx Daily Health