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Is This Rainbow Glitter Pizza Another Eye Roll Trend, Or Is It Actually GOOD?

I’ve seen the unicorn and rainbow movement come and go. Frankly, once fast food chains like Starbucks introduced their take on unicorn items, we knew the trend had jumped the multi-colored shark.

Washed trend or not, one place is standing by that magical look.

Dagwood’s Pizza, located in Santa Monica, CA, introduced a vibrant glitter-topped pizza a few years back at the height of the unicorn rainbow food trend.

Call the Magical AF Pizza, the menu item starts as a simple cheese pizza before undergoing a multi-colored metamorphosis into something resembling what a unicorn yakked up after a night of heavy drinking.

On its initial run, the item was more or less just a novelty specialty that the pizzeria offered. The restaurant tells us, however, the Magical AF Pizza was blasted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, leading to a resurgence in popularity and its return to the menu.

We went down to Santa Monica to check out that pizza for ourselves. Was it actually a tasty pizza? Or just another novelty trend item that has us rolling our eyes?

Our man on the ground Reach got a hold of the glitter pizza and had this to say:

“It’s eye-catching and eye-rolling all at once. But at least it doesn’t taste gross like other unicorn-themed food.”

When it comes to these Instagram-friendly items, that’s all you can ask for, really. As long as it has the flavor to back up the off-the-wall silliness of the aesthetic, there really isn’t much you can complain about.

Check out the latest edition of the News Bites to see the one of the most talked about pizzas in our office.

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Newest Whole Foods 365 Market Could Be Glimpse Into Tech Advances From Amazon Influence

When I think of a typical grocery store, the only technologically advanced system is the self-checkout aisle. Us self-righteous millennials demand more!

In case you’ve actually been living under a rock (no judgments), Amazon acquired Whole Foods last June in a $13.4 billion deal. While we can only imagine the technological advantages that will manifest from this (*praying hand emoji* please be drone delivery) we do know that Amazon recently revealed a “smart convenience store” where registers aren’t even required.

While we begrudgingly wait for more announcements, the convenience store concept further demonstrates the importance of technological pioneering within the e-commerce giant, meaning it can only get more tech from here.

Good thing 365 by Whole Foods Market already has.

The fifth location of the Whole Foods wallet-friendly spin-off has made the treacherous journey across the 101 FWY in Los Angeles to become a Westside neighborhood staple.

With a carefully curated stock, 365 locations boast “no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated oils” within their product lines, but there’s another key ingredient that the store has subbed for success: in-store technology.

365 tech assets consist of kiosk ordering via iPads, electronic shelf labels, home delivery via Instacart, an energy efficient area for chilled produce, and digital punch cards for multiple products across the store. Oh, and there’s also an iPad that doubles as a sommelier because… wine not?

“It’s not technology for technology sake, it’s meant to be useful and help you,” explained Turnas, president of 365 by Whole Foods Market. “I think a lot of what we try to do is more of a digital presence… so I think that appeals to a broad range of people.”

The Whole Foods Market 365 concept prides itself on simplicity and convenience — not to mention lower prices in which its Whole Foods parent is infamously not known for. “The pricing is really competitive,” stated Jeff Turnas. “Our concept is one where we’ve got Whole Foods market quality which is delivered in a little bit different setting.”

So Santa Monica health-nuts and Venice yogis rejoice! You can now have your organic salad bar and eat it, too (for way less). As for Amazon’s technological influence? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store.

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Blink And You Might Walk Right Past One Of The Best New Restaurants In The Country

There’s a restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard, in Los Angeles, CA, that has a single table and no signs out front to signal it’s not an abandoned property. Unknown to most of the people passing by it, this location is actually a James Beard Award semifinalist for the Best New Restaurant In America.

According to Uproxx, Baroo experiments in fermentation cuisine influenced by Korean, Italian, and vegan cooking.


In total, the restaurant only has TWO employees: head chef Kwang Uh and his business parter/college friend/sous chef Matthew Kim.

Baroo offers dishes like the Noorook, seemingly out of a space opera, as this creation is made with fermented purple grains and topped with pickled onions and a cheese dusting. Ben Esch of Uproxx compares the texture of it to that of risotto.

Shockingly, the prices are said to cost less than a dining experience at the Cheesecake Factory. The Noorook itself, though high-end in aesthetics, only costs $12.


If you’re ever in the area, and feel just a bit adventurous, keep an eye out for Baroo. The restaurant’s aesthetically stunning menu and bold flavors shine through its unembellished doors, hiding in plain sight.



Wagyu Beef Lasagna And More Japanese-Italian Fusion at LA’s La Botte [GALLERY]

wagyu beef lasagna la botte chef squared

Michelin-starred chefs, Stefano De Lorenzo of La Botte and Morihiro Onodera previously of Mori Sushi, graciously collaborated at Chef Squared – a 10-course menu featuring Wagyu Beef Lasagna (pictured above), White Rice White Truffle Risotto and Mushroom Gelato. Although the menu was only available for two-days on Friday, October 19th and Saturday, October 20th, we’re hoping there’s a Chef Squared part deux. Check out the play-by-play of our favorite courses below. Pictures by Marc Kharrat.


abalone la botte santa monica

Abalone and Cucumber-Wrapped Crab



medium rare trout la botte

Medium-Rare Smoked Trout, Morel & Shiitake Mushrooms


white rice white truffle risotto

White Rice White Truffle Risotto, Seaweed Broth


wagyu beef lasagna la botte chef squared

Wagyu Beef and Pork Lasagna (in baking paper)


white rice white truffle risotto

Duck Ravioli, Tokyo Negi, Espresso Sauce, Grapes


branzino tomato water

Branzino, Tomato Water


oxtail daikon

Oxtail, Daikon, Nasturtium Flower


mushroom gelato

Mushroom Gelato


La Botte

620 Santa Monica Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90401