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Tri-Tip Lo Mein Brings Together Classic BBQ And Traditional Chinese Noodles

The best thing about food festivals like the upcoming Noods Noods Noods in Santa Ana, California, is that you get to try a fusion of foods that you probably never even thought would be amazing together. Case in point, the Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Tri-Tip Lo Mein being handed out by Tri-Tip Man during the Foodbeast X Cup Noodles hosted festival.

Tender tri-tip is usually a headliner in the BBQ world, and noodles are a surprisingly perfect assistant. Put the two together and you’ve got some David Blaine-level magic in a bowl.

The Tri-Tip Lo Mein will consist of Tri-Tip Man’s famous smoked tri-tip, covered in a sweet and spicy plum sauce, and served over lo mein noodles and veggies. Topped off with a spicy sesame sauce drizzle, you’ll have a variety of flavors and sensations dancing in your mouth like that rooftop party where everyone’s doing cocaine, and you don’t know what’s going on, but the DJ is on fire.

This isn’t Tri-Tip Man’s first Foodbeast rodeo, debuting a tri-tip empanada that was bursting with flavor for 2017’s Oozefestival.

There will be more exclusive noodle combinations, from Orange County’s premiere restaurants at Foobeast’s AYCE Asian food festival, NOODS NOODS NOODS, presented by Original Cup Noodles.

You can purchase your tickets here. Ticket types include Marketplace (buy as you go) or VIP (all you can consume for three hours).

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We’re Down For The Fire That Are Spicy Bulgogi Dumplings

Every time we see dumplings offered on a menu, we have to order it. Dumplings, for us, is that one dish that everyone can share, bringing a table together and setting the tone for a great dining experience. If you’re a fan of savory, pan-seared dumplings, you’re going to want to check this out.

The Mad Dumplings truck created these exclusive pan-fried bulgogi beef dumplings for this year’s FOODBEAST’s AYCE Asian food Festival NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles, taking place on Saturday, Jan. 27 in Santa Ana, CA.

The dumplings are served over a bed of spicy sesame gochujang noodles and are garnished with scallions, kimchi, and topped with sesame seeds.

Noodle lovers and fans of Asian fusion food should definitely check out this year’s NOODS Festival. You can purchase your tickets here. Ticket types include Marketplace (buy as you go), or VIP (all you can consume for three hours).

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A Gooey Gouda Blanket Envelops This Cheesy Tri-Tip Empanada

Crispy cheese blankets are conveyors of some mouthwatering flavors. The gooey cheese’s taste is intensified by getting caramelized on the grill, which develops another layer of texture to add some extra crunch. On its own, a cheese blanket is an irresistible morsel. Take that cheese blanket, make it out of Gouda, and wrap it around a gooey tri-tip empanada, and you’ve got a oozing mouthful of deliciousness.

Orange County-based food truck Tri Tip Man is putting their signature smoked meat into cheese blanket-wrapped empanadas for OOZEFEST, Foodbeast’s all-you-can-consume beer and cheese festival. Apart from the tri-tip, you’ll find bacon, more Gouda, and candied jalapenos inside to match the massive layer of Gouda that warmly envelops the fried pastry. It’s definitely a dairy overload, but the different ingredients inside provide smokiness, heat, and sweetness that balance out the rich flavors of the cheese and give you a dynamite bite.

tri-tip empanada

Those interested in trying out this melty, cheese-wrapped empanada for themselves should head to OOZEFEST’s website to acquire tickets to the cheesy food fest.

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Cheeseburger Egg Rolls Are The Perfect Portable Fast Food Snack

Southern California restaurant The Kroft has impressed Foodbeast fans in the past with their Cheeseburger Fries, a crispy and twisted tribute to the iconic American fast food item. Their team is back at it once again, utilizing cheeseburger egg rolls to turn the classic sandwich into a deep-fried, portable snack delicacy.

While The Kroft’s previous burger spin dish featured the flavors of BBQ and Bacon, these egg rolls stick to the classic flavors of a cheeseburger: beef, onion, pickles, and American cheese. They all get wrapped up and sent to the deep fryer for a unique, crispy, and cheesy experience.

cheeseburger egg rolls

If you’re down to try some dope cheeseburgers in egg roll form, you’ll have to come check out The Kroft’s exclusive item at OOZEFEST 3, Foodbeast’s all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival. Burgers and beer are a tried-and-true pairing, and you’ll easily be able to score some brew at OOZEFEST 3 to wash these cheeseburger egg rolls down with.

Tickets are still available for the cheesy, boozy festival at the OOZEFEST website. Make sure to snag some if you want in on this next-level take on a cheeseburger.

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ZPizza Has A New Meaning For The Term ‘Wake & Bake’ And It’s Delicious

For years, the term “wake and bake” has been used to describe a very specific activity.  While the term might stir up a bit of controversy, Southern California- based pizza chain, Zpizza, is pairing the eyebrow raising adage with an exclusive, limited time breakfast pizza that will literally make you want to Wake And Bake.

It’s starts with Zpizza’s signature dough, that’s topped with melty mozzarella and cheddar, roasted Yukon potatoes, and bacon. Still, there’s one element that truly takes this Oozefest item to the next level — it’s topped with a poached egg.

This take on breakfast is so good that it might leave you with your eyes red. But, keep in mind that it’s only available at Oozefest 3, FOODBEAST’s third annual All YOU CAN CONSUME BEER & CHEESE Festival Saturday, Oct. 14.

For more information on OOZEFEST, or to purchase tickets head to Zpizza fans can use code “wakeandbake” at checkout for $5.00 off tickets!

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A Bouquet Of Cheese-Stuffed Churros Proves Love At First Bite

With items like Mermaid Churros, fried chicken churro sandwiches, and churro poop emojis going viral, the humble street snack has spread across the country in all kinds of shapes and forms. We’ve never seen any that’s as bursting with cheesiness as this, however.

Cafe Calacas, who’s taken the internet by storm before with their past cheesy fried dough creations, is using their mad cheese scientist mind to develop some savory, cheese stuffed churros. From ricotta on the inside to bits of Parmesan on the outside, everything about these churros screams cheese.

If you’re down to snag a handful of these savory, creamy churros, head on over to Ooozefest 3, Foodbeast’s third annual all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival. It’s going down on Saturday, October 14th, and you can get your tickets to the cheesy extravaganza by heading to the Oozefest website.

Once there, you’ll be able to partake in this savory, cheese stuffed churro experience. Just be careful not to eat too many, though, as they’re a one-way ticket to a heavenly food coma.

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Creamistry Just Unveiled A Ricotta Ice Cream Stuffed Cannoli Exclusively For OOZEFEST

It’s no secret that the liquid nitrogen ice cream craze has become a favorite among foodies, thanks to its entertaining visual aspect that incorporates frozen gases, futuristic machinery, and undeniable deliciousness.

Now, handcrafted liquid nitrogen ice cream maker, Creamistry, is bringing a brand new, ricotta cheese-infused, liquid nitrogen pastry to the cheese-crazed masses at OOZEFEST 3 — FOODBEAST’s third annual ALL YOU CAN EAT / ALL YOU CAN DRINK cheese festival, Saturday Oct. 14 at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, Calif.

Creamistry’s ricotta ice cream stuffed cannoli, starts with an exclusive hand-made liquid nitrogen ricotta ice cream blend, a crispy cannoli shell and drizzled with a guava icing and powdered sugar for a sweet, crispy treat that’s only going to be available at OOZEFEST.

This beautiful, cheese-stuffed pastry is just one of the many items generating massive hype around this year’s OOZEFEST. So, if you’re a cheese fanatic or an ice cream lover, this exclusive cheesy delicacy is the perfect treat.

For more information on FOODBEAST’s third annual cheese festival or to purchase tickets, please visit

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Track Down This Jalapeno Popper Mac & Cheese Quesadilla Immediately

If you’re looking to put a food on your Instagram that’s all about the cheese pulls, or are craving the ultimate cheese overload feast, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Taco purveyors Razzy Rucas have developed a taco that meshes together quesadillas, mac n cheese, and jalapeno poppers into one melty carbo-load. A bacon jalapeno popper mac n cheese gets crammed into the center of a quesadilla for a spicy, gooey, and cheesy blend of flavor.

Between the mac and extra cheese for the quesadilla, there’s enough ooze to let the cheese pulls stretch longer than Mr. Fantastic’s arms.

This mouthwatering quesadilla will be available exclusively at Oozefest 3, FOODBEAST’s ALL YOU CAN EAT, ALL YOU CAN DRINK cheese festival, taking place at Mainplace Mall in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday October 14th.

Those interested in taking their cheese pull game to the next level with this and many other cheesy items can head to Oozefest’s website to cop some tickets.

We’ll see you there!