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This Guy Is Making and Eating Strange Sandwich Recipes From The Early 1900’s So We Don’t Have To


English Walnut Sandwich (1909) ##fyp ##sandwichesofhistory ##sandwichtok

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Sandwiches from the early to mid 1900’s were weird as hell. I mean, English walnut sandwich, peanut butter blue cheese sandwich, cream of mushroom soup sandwich? Hard pass like Patrick Mahomes threw it.

But thanks to the TikTok and Instagram content of Barry of @sandwichesofhistory, he’s quieting our curiosity for these odd sandwiches.

What’s notable about Barry is his subtle confidence in front of the camera and the seemingly soothing delivery of the recipes and his reviews on each sandwich. Barry’s Instagram profile says that he’s “Making sandwiches from cookbooks from 1902, 1909, 1941, and more,” so trust he’s got plenty of oddities to cook up and try in between two slices of bread.

Regarding the English walnut sandwich above, a strange concoction of what looks to be like a crushed walnut omelette serves as the filling for this sandwich of old. “I don’t know how I would plus this up, this is just fundamentally wrong. Pass,” was his commentary on this and we really could see why.

Thanks Barry, you’re doing us all a favor here.