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Viral San Pedro Fish Market Will Send You FREE Shrimp Platters, Here’s How To Get One

San Pedro Shrimp Tray Twitch Giveaway!

Who: San Pedro Fish Market

What: San Pedro Fish Grill is giving away three of their World Famous Shrimp Trays. These boast about 2 pounds of jumbo shrimp, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, and two loaves of garlic bread.

The giveaway will coincide with a livestream exclusively on Foodbeast’s Twitch, where professional eater Molly Schuyler will attempt to eat more than 500 pieces of shrimp!

All you have to do is follow Foodbeast on Twitch in the embed above, or the link provided below and enter a name and email. Three winners will be selected at random live during the stream.

Proceeds from BITS donated through Twitch during the live stream will go to No Kid Hungry.

Where: You can enter here to win a Shrimp Tray, and view the event live on this Friday.

When: Friday, May 10


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California’s Largest Fish Market Is Grappling To Penetrate America’s Grocery Stores

As the largest fish market on the West Coast, the San Pedro Fish Market is no stranger to success, however, one of their newer ventures may be in jeopardy.

Tommy “The Boss” Amalfitano continues to manage operations at the actual fish market and restaurant in California, as Henry, Mike, and Tommy Jr. are pitching their line of frozen seafood products at the annual Boston Seafood Expo in Massachusetts.

While Mike and Anthony, one of his new consultants for the grocery products, try to get business done and meet with potential buyers, Henry and Tommy Jr. appear to be more interested in trying out samples on the expo floor.

Mike was definitely under a lot of pressure at the Seafood Expo. His frozen products project, which he launched five years back, hasn’t been as successful as he’s wanted it to be, and he’s counting on some big buys and client contracts to help turn things around. Plus, there’s always the added stress of Tommy Sr. not being too pleased with the frozen foods side of the business either, and he’s got his own take on what both a win and a loss at the Boston Seafood Expo looks like.

“Success means the project goes on. No success means you gotta make a decision. Cut the project, get rid of them, do something. If they don’t produce, what the hell good are they?”

Here’s to hoping that the San Pedro team in Boston can bring in some new business for their frozen products. Their futures at the fish market may very well depend on it.

Tune in every Friday for a brand new episode of Kings Of Fi$h Season 3. Or, if you need to catch up on past episodes, or just to binge watch, all KOF episodes can be found on FOODBEASTYouTube and Facebook.

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Kings Of Fi$h Reality Series Follows America’s Top Seafood Dynasty For A Third Season

The world discovered The Kings Of Fi$h, the family dynasty behind the famous San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant, in February earlier this year after FOODBEAST debuted Kings Of Fi$h Seasons One and Two. It gave viewers a first-hand look into the day-to-day lives of the Ungaro and Amalfitano families, as they operate the largest fish market on the West Coast.

On the outside, it may seem like the Kings of Fi$h have it all figured out, having pioneered a family legacy in the seafood industry and creating The World’s Largest Shrimp Tray — which actually shut down freeway off-ramps into the port of Long Beach, due to the massive influx of folks wanting to try it.

But, in the midst of growing the family business, founder and family patriarch, Tommy “The Boss”Amalfitano, decided to step down after more than 50 years. This left the remaining members to appoint themselves roles in the company during his absence.

As we saw in first two seasons of KOF, replacing Tommy proved to be more difficult than working with him, and the stark reality of keeping one of Southern California’s most recognizable port-side seafood restaurants afloat set in.

As Kings Of Fi$h Season 3 gets underway, the KOF crew will work to improve marketing for their frozen consumer product, as well as endeavoring to expand their reach in the fast-casual industry.

Will the push for seafood supremacy dethrone the current Kings Of Fi$h? Tune in every Friday for a brand new episode of Kings Of Fi$h Season 3. Or, if you need to catch up on past episodes, or just to binge watch, all KOF episodes can be found on their FOODBEAST SHOW PAGE, YouTube and Facebook.

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Are The Kings Of Fi$h Ready To Compete For Control Of A Seafood Dynasty?

Now that you’re finally done binge watching FOODBEAST’s new reality series, Kings Of Fi$h Seasons One and Two, you’re probably wondering what’s coming next.

As KOF: Season 2 of comes to a close, we’re left to question the preparedness of Mike, Tommy Jr., Henry, and Jennifer, as they are tasked with motivating the younger generation to become apprentices of the family trade.

Now that we’ve gotten a closer look at the inter-personal relationships between the members of the Ungaro and Amalfitano families, it’s evident that trying to maintain full-managerial responsibility of the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant without the guidance of Tommy “The Boss”Amalfitano is harder than expected. It’s easy to see that after Tommy’s retirement became a reality, there was still a strong sense of denial about his 54-year tenure coming to an end.

Meanwhile, as Mike and Henry had individual plans of taking control over the family business — neither seemed to put forth the focused initiative to right the ship and concentrate on other projects. Essentially, as soon as Tommy Sr. retired, both Mike and Henry took mini-vacations. Could this be indicative of how serious they really are about wanting to step up as boss?

While Henry was out in the desert being an outdoorsy-daredevil, Mike was in Las Vegas, socializing and trying to complete a commercial for the Frozen Shrimp Tray product. While there’s nothing wrong with fun and games, Tommy “The Boss”Amalfitano unexpectedly returns from a vacation to Mt. Fuji and was livid to see how thinly staffed Henry and Mike had left the market.

Future success of California’s greatest seafood dynasty hangs in the balance here. The Kings Of Fi$h could arguably be the best franchise in seafood, but will they step up to the challenge?

It’s safe to say that even though the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant has become an iconic business within the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles proper, that does not make this family business immune to failure. Fortunately, family patriarch Tommy Sr. was keen to the instability among the staff without his guidance and may have prolonged his permanent retirement — for now. As FOODBEAST’s Kings Of Fi$h series progresses, there is sure to be more family quarrels,  as competing ideas about what it will take to keep this legendary business afloat are brought to the surface.

And it’s not even summer, yet.

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