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This Bay Area Donut Shop Makes The World’s First Glow-In-The-Dark Pastry

If there’s one place in California that could be considered the Mecca of innovation and cutting-edge entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley would be the leading candidate. So it seems fitting that one of the most mind-boggling and innovative donuts ever created would be be found in the center of the South Bay region.

Thanks to the experimental minds at Psycho Donuts, a Campbell, California-based, mental ward-themed artisan donut and art shop, Bay Area donut connoisseurs have seen the light of what true culinary innovation looks like.

Part donuts, part light show, these tasty treats are deliciously fascinating. By adding pulverized vitamin B pills into the dough, Psycho Donuts created a treat that actually glows under an ultraviolet blacklight. Yes, they actually glow in the dark.

These fruit-flavored, glowing goodies are made with Hansen’s Natural Soda and lime juice. Currently, lime and pomegranate are making the rounds around the world’s first donut asylum.

By delivering a sensory experience, Psycho Donuts has built an iconic reputation for itself and it’s easy to see why. So, if you’re crazy about donuts, stop by Psycho Donuts to see and taste what all the hype is about.


Created in partnership with Hansen’s Soda

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McDonald’s Makes It Splash With New Crab Meat Sandwich


Photo: McDonald’s

Look out, Filet-O-Fish. There’s a new McDonald’s seafood sandwich in town.

McDonald’s USA began testing of a brand new CRAB MEAT SANDWICH in four McDonald’s restaurants across California’s South Bay Area.

Based on the McDonald’s website, the Crab Meat Sandwich consists of snow crab meat, seasoned clarified butter, celery, seasoned mayo, lettuce, and slices of tomato on a sourdough roll.

While Dungeness Crab is more local to the San Francisco/South Bay area, a McDonald’s rep told NBC Bay Area that complications with sourcing led to to the choice to use snow crab meat instead.

According to KETV, local chef Ryan Scott of the Finn Town Tavern in San Francisco teamed up with McDonald’s to develop this new sandwich, aiming to capture the local flavors of the Bay Area into a fast food sandwich.

The crab-stuffed sandwich is the latest McDonald’s regional release for the San Francisco area, following a successful launch of Garlic Fries in stores across the Bay Area last year.

The four stores that the Crab Meat Sandwich can be found in are as follows:

San Jose: 2191 Monterey Road

San Jose: 2699 Union Avenue

San Jose: 4838 San Felipe Avenue

Santa Clara: 3509 Homestead Road

While it’s not likely that the sandwich will be available nationwide, it might eventually make it to all 250 Bay Area McDonald’s locations if the sandwich is successful.

The Crab Meat Sandwich is also believed to be the first crab sandwich sold by a fast food chain in the United States. If it’s successful, we hope other chains could follow suit and make their own versions. Considering crab is a relatively popular seafood item across the United States, that definitely could be a possibility.

For now, we’re just hoping to get a taste of this groundbreaking sandwich.


Family Loses $32,000 In Cash At An Applebee’s Restaurant, Then A Miracle Happens


What would you do if you randomly found $32,000 in cash?

One honest waiter at a Fresno, California-area Applebee’s who found himself in just that situation decided to return the money.

The $32,000 in cash had been lost by Erika Gonzalez and her mother, Berta, while they were running errands on Wednesday, reports the Fresno Bee.

Erika Gonzalez told the outlet that her and mother’s hearts “dropped” when they realized the money they intended to deposit at a bank had been left somewhere.


The money came from her father’s San Jose restaurant and from rental houses the family owns. Told that there were no safe-deposit boxes for the cash, the mother and daughter decided to run errands before heading to the bank.

On Thursday morning, after being unable to find out where the cash had been left behind, they called police. Turning what might have been a nightmare into a “good Christmas story,” as a police spokesman described it, the Gonzalez family was then told that an Applebee’s server had notified his boss that he had found a bag full of $100 bills. The money was returned to the family after they were interviewed.

The server’s identity remains a mystery since he told police he did not want any publicity.“He just wanted to do the right thing,” Carrie Hellyer, the local director for Applebee’s, told the Fresno Bee. “He’s a remarkable young man.”

Written by the Editorial Staff at NextShark


Massive EDM x Sriracha Rave Coming to California


Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Cock Sauce?

In what’s probably the most sensational festival news ever, San Jose, Calif.-based catering company Moveable Feast is hosting the world’s first Electronic Sriracha Festival next month. And yes, that’s ESF, as in Electronic Dance Music and red hot Sriracha sauce. Fuuuuuuu

Set to happen the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend at St. James Park in San Jose, the pulse-pounding food and music event promises “2 city blocks, 3 stages of electronic music, 4 bars, and 120 sriracha-infused dishes,” with the official line-up to be announced next Monday.

Pack your water bottles!

You can also sign up for pre-sale discount ticket access here.