An Intimate Look At DEEP FRIED SLIM FAST Bars, This Summer’s Hot New Fair Food


Last week news broke that the Deep Frying King Pin (yes, that’s what we call this G of the fair food game) Chicken Charlie was going to deep fry something that would make haters’ heads explode: SLIM FAST bars.

We jumped down to the San Diego Fair to kick it with Charlie himself at the booth. He was posted up against a wall of produce behind his booth, as well as boxes and boxes of these:


That’s right. SLIM FAST bars. For our readers who may be too young to remember, or those that need a refresher, Slim Fast is a brand of diet and weight loss products that includes shakes, snacks, packaged meals and other dietary supplements. Chicken Charlie is no slim chicken, and decided that he’d take the Chewy Chocolate Crisp Slim Fast protein bars and deep fry them sunnavabitches, then hit them with a chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar.

These things are gonna be available everywhere Chicken Charlie is this summer, including stops at the OC Fair and the LA Fair.

Here’s a video to tide you over until you get to a summer fair and try this thing for yourself:



This Deep-Fried, Custard-Filled Croissant Would Destroy Your Twinkie


We love food mashups here at Foodbeast, so hearing about a deep-fried croissant, stuffed with custard, excites us quite a bit.

Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego, CA, serves up this flaky treat and calls it “The Froissant.” Master Pastry Chef Karen Krasne created The Froissant. It’s deep-fried, rolled in vanilla bean sugar and filled with vanilla custard. It’s only available Thursday through Saturdays though, so it’s more of a weekend fix for your sweet tooth.

So we’ve heard of the Cronut, the Piessant, the Pretzsant, and now we’re going to have to keep our eye on The Froissant. Count us in.


There Is An Entire Cookie Fried Into This Donut


Just a few moments ago San Diego, CA-based cookie shop The Cravory Instagrammed a photo of what appears to be an entire cookie baked right into a glazed doughnut.

Warning: the product doesn’t seem to be available just yet and may still be in its test phase. The photo was tied with a short blurb that mentions “Our Chef Derek is having a little fun in the kitchen today! What do you think about this cookie inside a donut!? #cheflife #kitchenfun”

If the recent success of donuts stuffed with ice cream is any indication, we’d imagine these cookie-stuffed donuts would go over extremely well with the proper audience (see: anyone with tastebuds).


This churro is injected with Jack Daniels, wrapped in bacon, grilled, tossed in sugar, and is served with whipped cream and maple syrup.


PicThx ABC 10 News


Move Over Donut, This is A Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Sandwich


And you thought dessert sandwiches couldn’t get anymore decadent. Down in San Diego, Calif., where the yearlong warmth makes you wonder how people there manage to eat so well AND stay so damn fit, chef Matt Gordon of Sea & Smoke has just created your new favorite heart attack: a cinnamon roll breakfast sandwich.

Unlike your typical donut sammie, Gordon’s take swaps out glazed yeast rings with luxuriously soft rolls of dough and cinnamon. These rolls are then cut in half, toasted on the grill, and loaded with ham, bacon, white cheddar, a whole fried egg, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Or in other words, damn, is it county fair season already?

H/T + Picthx Thrillist


Mashed Potato Bacon Thin Crust Pizza



‘Brew Cutlery’ Beer Nerd Utensils Come with Built-In Bottle Openers


Turns out, yes, there is a multifunctional utensil that’s even more ingenious than the spork.

From San Diego inventors Kevin Newburg and Stephen Grinalds comes Brew Cutlery, a set of stainless steel forks, spoons, and knives designed with bottle opener hinges built right into the handles. Simple and entirely gastropub-friendly, the utensils have been spot-tested on “thousands” of beers to provide maximum leverage, and should be available for sale by June 2014, pending a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Of course, with 36 days to go and less than $3,000 away from their pledge goal, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing these at Ikea in no time.


Brew Cutlery 3-Piece Set: $18 – 25 @ Kickstarter


Starbucks Testing New Strawberry Banana & Mango Pineapple Smoothies


Looking to upgrade their current smoothie lineup, select Starbucks locations in San Diego, California and Baltimore, Maryland are testing a new, and possibly improved, version of their regular smoothies. The coffee chain is currently testing Strawberry Banana, Greens, Banana & Pineapple and Mango Pineapple with their Evolution Fresh brand of juices. The smoothies are made of Evolution Fresh juice, nonfat Greek yogurt and two different types of fruit. Each smoothie will be around 250 calories give or take.

For the rest of the nation, at least for now, we’re still stuck with Chocolate, Orange Mango and Strawberry.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating