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Auntie Anne’s Teamed Up With Samuel Adams To Create An Oktoberfest Home Kit

Photo courtesy of Auntie Anne’s

This year many of those who enjoy celebrating Oktoberfest may be stuck at home to limit the spread of COVID-19. Sucks, yes, but hopefully things get better this time next year.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the upcoming holiday, however.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels has announced they’re teaming up this year with Samuel Adams beer to create an Oktoberfest At Home experience.

The collaboration brought forth an Oktoberfest kit that features Oktoberfest-inspired recipes, an Auntie Anne’s DIY Pretzel Kit, Samuel Adams OctoberFest brews, and themed apparel from steins to hats and lederhosen.

To set the mood, you can stream a “Prost from Home” playlist that features authentic Oktoberfest tunes.

You can order the Oktoberfest kits at Availability is only while supplies last.


Samuel Adams Debuts Beer-Seasoned Cigars


Ever smoke a cigar in one hand and at the same time be drinking an ice-cold beer and think: This is way more work than it should be. While the technology behind alcoholic cigars are still a dream of the future, it looks like that future is a little less further away.

In a partnership with Samuel Adams, Ted’s Cigars launched a line of beer-seasoned cigars dubbed Utopias after their alcoholic namesake. Because what better way to compliment a craft beer than to enjoy a cigar specifically tailored for it? These limited-time cigars will be available from November through December.

Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar 3-Pack, $34 @Ted’s Cigars

Picthx Ted’s Cigars


Banana Runts, Raisins in Trail Mix and More ‘Rejectable’ Snacks You Love to Hate


Like white crayons, there are just some foods you love to hate. From black licorice jelly beans to raisins in trail mix – these are the foods you look at and can’t help but wonder why they’re here and what they want from us. And the worst part is you just can’t escape them, since snack manufacturers seem hell-bent on making us waste an extra two minutes just picking them out from the Chex and almonds and Apple Runts they know we love.

Our friends at Thrillist dubbed these foods the “Rejectables.” And these are the ones we’ve come to lovehate most:


Raisin in Trail Mix


To be fair, trail mix kind of sucks to begin with. There’s always too much processed honey/sugar flavor and not enough M&Ms. But add in all those extra raisins and you can’t help but pucker.  And then there’s all the syrup that oozes out and gets over everything. Raisins, do us a favor and keep your yuck to yourselves.


Peanut Taffy


I’m not sure who makes these and why they keep doing it when no one seems to like them. But for some reason, at least one house on the block continues to hand them out every Halloween, leading to more than few dollars wasted every time kids inevitably throw them out.


Black Licorice Jelly Beans


This goes for black licorice in general, but at least those straws keep to themselves. These guys have absolutely no business crowding up my Jelly Bellys.


Banana Runts


Banana flavored things are just weird as a collective, maybe because they’re too sweet. From now on, let’s assume all fruit-flavored candies need to be a little sour, k? (Green Apple my darling, I’m totally looking at you.)


The “Regular Option” in a Variety Pack


Thrillist used regular Sam Adams Boston Lager as their example, but I’d like to extend the category to all regular options in Variety Packs. From fruit snacks to condoms, the only reason I’m buying this stupid variety pack in the first place is because buying a whole set of the one I actually want is too expensive. If I wanted the normal version, I’d buy the normal version, so GTFO of my variety pack.


Check out the rest of the list of top “Rejectable” foods over at Thrillist.


Red Robin Adds a Beer Milkshake to Their Fall Menu Offerings

What says ‘Oktoberfest’ better than a beer? Well, according to the Red Robin burger chain, Oktoberfest means the launch of a hopped-up dessert in the form of a Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake.

The new 21 and over milkshake is made with creamy soft serve ice cream, Samuel Adams Octoberfest draft, vanilla and caramel. While the idea of a ‘beer milkshake’ isn’t exceptionally groundbreaking, it is noteworthy when it comes from a chain restaurant with Red Robin’s reach. The shake is part of an Octoberfest menu that will run through November 11.

Along for the Octoberfest menu Red Robin is also debuting some gnarly looking warm pretzel bites served with a side of Merkts-brand beer cheese dip and tangy ber mustard. Additionally, the fast casual chain will be bringing back their Oktoberfest Burger, a seasonal product that features a toasted pretzel bun slathered with beer mustard, a beef patty, melted Swiss cheese, beer mustard sauteed onions, Black Forest ham and green leaf lettuce.

No shortage of things to eat at Red Robin this Fall, and if drinking your sorrows away while catching a few cavities is your type of thing, their Octoberfest Milkshake might be the way to do it.



Samuel Adams Releases New Spring Beer

Boston-based Samuel Adams is brewing up a brand new beer for the upcoming Spring season entitled Alpine Spring that means to remind one of the crispness and freshness commonly associated with Spring. This unfiltered beer boasts a citrus-like aroma that can be attributed to the Tettnang hops used in the brewing process specifically for this beverage. This honey-colored piece of heaven is currently in stores now across the country.


OC Brewfest Comes To Irvine This Saturday 9/10

With Summer winding down, and the promise of Fall just on the horizon a few things come to mind: Shorter days, falling leaves, and of course, beer. This weekend (9/10) Orange County’s annual Brew Ha Ha is gracing the city of Irvine, CA with its annual beer festival featuring over 50 different participating breweries complete with their own unique craft beers totaling to over 150 different beers.

For each General Admission, guests are given a free commemorative festival glass, ten 4 oz tasting samples as well as free water and soda. VIP Admission ticket holders will be treated to Beer Appreciation Seminars hosted by renowned beer experts as well a one hour early entry to the festival and 4 extra tasting samples. The OC Brew Ha Ha comes complete with a variety of different attractions such as live entertainment and Homebrew exhibitors showcasing concoctions of their own.  The event will be featuring a plethora of different local breweries from the OC as well as breweries from all across the North America. A few of the featured breweries participating in the event include the Old Orange Brewing Company, Alexander Keith’sBlue Moon and Samuel Adams.

While the festival celebrates the beauty of beer, it also encourages responsible drinking and offers $10 Designated Driver Admission for every paid General Admission. General Admission goes for $40 and VIP admission runs for $55. Tickets can be bought here.

Along with celebrating a diversity of different beers, the event will be commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by donating a portion of their proceeds to the Fallen Firefighters Relief Fund, which benefits the families of firefighters who have perished in the line of duty.